Rules for installing water meters: what you need to know?

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Water meters: Types

Why do we need counters?Probably, everyone knows this answer to this question. They are needed to save money on water. Therefore, many prefer to install these devices in apartments. In this case, it is necessary to comply with the rules for installing water meters, for which it is better to contact specialists.

rules for installing water meters
These devices are divided into different types:mechanical, ultrasonic, electromagnetic and vortex. For energy consumption, they are classified into volatile (operating from the electrical network) and non-volatile (battery-operated).

Process Features

When installing, you must follow the rulesinstallation of a water meter. So, the device should be installed directly on the riser, which supplies water to the bathroom and kitchen. If the water supply of these rooms is from different risers, the water meter is placed separately for each of them. Also separate water meters for hot and cold water are installed. But it is worth considering that the maximum number of these devices in the apartment should not exceed four units, as the rules for installing water meters say.

installation of meters for water
Cold and hot counters differ bymaterials from which they are made. In this regard, they can withstand different temperatures. There are also universal devices, which can also be installed on hot water. However, they can operate at temperatures from 0 to +50 degrees, while a hot water meter is capable of operating at temperatures up to +100 degrees.

Installation of meters on water requires alsoobservance of the following condition: it is necessary to first examine the condition of all water supply pipes, since it is unlikely that anyone will want to put on old pipes. And besides it is fraught with emergency consequences.

Buy water meters can be like in the store,and in the market. However, it is better to contact a specialized company, whose employees will choose the most optimal option, perform all the work, taking into account the rules for installing water meters. The instruments are selected taking into account the pressure and temperature of the water, the sensitivity limit of the device, as well as some other technical characteristics.

installation of water meters
It is also worth considering that there are situations in whichwhich installation of water meters is not possible. This is the case if the water supply stopcocks are not present or are malfunctioning (to resolve the problem, contact your management company) or if the installation location is outside the range of availability.

You can put counters only afterall sanitary and welding works are finished. Also, the installation of devices can be carried out in a strictly defined place - in a special installation socket.

After installation, the devices must be registered with the management company and sealed.

Thus, following all the rules for installing water meters, it is possible to ensure reliable and uninterrupted operation of these devices for many years.

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