Vibration pump: advantages and disadvantages

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Currently, water supply in the plots or incountry houses is not a problem. If earlier the solution was wells, buckets and the like, nowadays, villagers and summer residents use a submersible vibrating pump for household use. In the absence of centralized water supply - this is a sure way to solve the problem of providing a room with water. The vibrating pump consumes little electricity and has an affordable cost.

Vibration pump

It is quite compact and easy to use. We can say that this pump consists of three parts, namely: the body, the electromagnet and the vibrator. In the body are all the components, and most often it is made of anti-corrosion materials, so it has good strength and tightness. The electromagnet is a serially connected core and two coils of a copper wire with high magnetic permeability. Namely, with the help of a vibrator, which is specially separated by a rubber membrane from the electrical part, water is pumped. It includes a shock absorber and a pressed rod.

The vibrating pump does not have rubbing and rotating parts requiring lubrication, since it uses the oscillations of the valves, therefore, the weight has the corresponding: no more than 5 kg.

Vibration pump baby

The main condition of the vibrating pumpis its complete immersion in water and the presence of water in it, as water provides cooling of the pump, which is necessary because of the high frequency of vibration. The absence of it can lead to its failure. It is worth paying attention also to the power cable and cable, which pumps the pump into water. Usually, when selling a kapron cable is included, in order to avoid breakdown of the electrical wiring insulation.

It is worth talking about the advantages and disadvantages,which has a vibrating pump. To its positive qualities can be attributed a simple device, rare breakages, compactness and reliability. For example, a vibrating pump "Kid" can work for a long time without fail in any extreme situations. Efficiency and durability make this pump an indispensable assistant in providing water to any room in the absence of centralized water supply. However, there are a number of shortcomings. For example, if the well is not reinforced, over time, the constant vibration of the pump can simply destroy it. In addition, for a full-fledged work, he needs a little rest, otherwise with continuous work, he can fail. The depth of the dive is, unfortunately, also low - only 3 meters.

Vibration pump

Having studied the principle of work, advantages and disadvantages,which has a vibrating pump, you can safely proceed with the selection of the model. But pay attention to the technical characteristics, including the type of placement of the valve. They are of two types: the upper and lower water fences, under which the valve is located on the top or bottom, respectively. Given the fact that the bottom fence is not as practical as the top, because the pump buries into the ground, as a result of the vibrations and the valve is quickly clogged. In addition, the upper valve does not overheat due to constant cooling with water.

Knowing all the features and capabilities, choosing the right option is not difficult.

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