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Creating a project for your future child, aboutThe ceiling in the children's room needs to be thought not least. Very often it can be a key element that completes the image of the entire room or is exclusively prominent on it. Let's figure out how to turn the design of the ceiling in the children's room into a real event for an adult and a child.

ceiling in the children's room

Stretched ceiling

Let's start right from the most fashionable trend today -stretch ceilings. This technology will allow you to use any pattern and create a perfectly flat ceiling with minimal effort. The advantage of this technology is also that any of your ideas will come true in seconds. For example, the ceiling in the children's room will easily become a sky with clouds or stars, will be covered with bright colors or a simple geometric pattern. The only thing that is required of you is to point your finger at the picture you like in the magazine. However, the drawing can be unique if you create it yourself. In addition, such a ceiling can also be combined with a multi-level ceiling from gypsum board. For example, you can order a design on the entire ceiling with a circular recess in the middle. In the center, use a stretch ceiling with a pattern. You can even make a wavy ceiling in this technique to remind you of a sea rest. Here, perhaps, and all about modern technologies.

decoration of the ceiling in the children's room
General principles

The design of ceilings in the children's room should not betoo bright and tedious for the eyes. But he can not remain white either. You need to add bright spots, creativity, color. Avoid and gloomy colors, the ceiling should make the room more light and rainbow. It can not be brittle, so no stucco or decorative plaster will do. Any toy that has flown to the ceiling must return without consequences. Well, if the ceiling embodies the dreams of your child, although in childhood they change so quickly that you can hardly guess. Repairing the ceiling is again an infrequent process, so do not try to tie it to some of your favorite cartoon characters or characters. The idols go away, and the ceiling will remain. Otherwise, you will have to repaint it once a year at least.

With your own hands

design of ceilings in the children's room

If you do not want to spend money on the tensionceiling in the children's room, then you can easily pokreativit own hands. Here are just a few examples. Today, a lot of interior stickers are sold. It can be both geometric forms, and quite natural characters and animals. Select together with the child an update for his room. The ceiling in the children's room can be decorated with a variety of pendants. It can be large bulky balls, snowflakes, a cloud with a rain or butterflies. This is another reason to make an odd thing together with the child and transform your interior. There is another original way to decorate the ceiling - these are strings stretched under it. They can be strengthened with colorful drawings, circles with bright elements or other suspensions. This is a very convenient solution for those who often change the design of the interior.

Add colors

In addition, you can simply paint yourselfceiling in any color. Or you can paint with stripes, or you can add a vivid ornament to the monophonic background by stencil. And you can ... Yes, you yourself know, but the child's imagination will also tell you how to make the ceiling in the children's room the most unusual.

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