What is good cork substrate for laminate?

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One of the most common floorToday's coatings are laminate. Since the invention of the Swiss company in the 1980s, the material has undergone many significant changes. Today, manufacturers provide a huge selection of textures, colors and quality panels. Laminate almost in no way inferior to the parquet. Ease of installation and maintenance, beautiful appearance, durability, comfort - all these qualities of the material are available to consumers.

To ensure that the floor covering is not usedIt caused problems, it is necessary to lay a substrate under the laminate. Without it, even high-quality material will not bring the desired effect and will not last long. Cork under the laminate, according to experts, one of the best. Thanks to it, the life of the coating will increase significantly, there will be no complaints against it.

Cork pad under the laminate
Why do we need a laminate substrate? Types of panels are varied, but even the best quality and thickest of them require a perfectly flat floor. Laminate forms a separate layer and does not attach to the base, so if the floor is too curved, then in some places you can hear a characteristic knock. This leads to a reduction in coating service. If the curvature is insignificant, about 3 mm, then the substrate under the laminate will solve this problem. Cork litter in this case is most effective, although it is possible to use both polyethylene or foil.

In addition to smoothing the irregularities, the cork substrateunder the laminate also performs a damping function. If the panels are put on the rough floor, then there will be a clacking sound, it will be very difficult to walk quietly through such a floor, except barefoot or in soft slippers. The substrate will not allow the panels to hit the floor and will soften the steps. In addition, it allows you to significantly insulate the floor. The cork substrate under the laminate also absorbs the noise emanating from running household appliances.

Substrate under the laminate cork
Although there are quite a few types of substrates,most experts advise choosing from cork oak. It, of course, is more expensive, but it is not necessary to save on quality. The cork substrate under the laminate fully justifies its price, because all its functions perform flawlessly. There are several types of such a substrate, but they all have high heat and sound insulation properties, protect the laminate from rotting and moisture. Produced in the form of rolls or sheets.

Substrate under the laminate types
The most common substrate is made of pressedcork crumbs. Also there is a cork-rubber variant, made of a mixture of rubber and cork crumbs. Such a substrate reduces vibration from the work of household appliances, prevents the formation of mold on the laminate. A bitumen-cork variant is also possible. The substrate is made by applying cork crumb to bitumen-infused kraft paper. To ventilate the space between the laminate and the substrate, the latter lies down with a powder. Selecting bitumen-cork, waterproofing materials can not be used.

Cork substrate improves the performance of anylaminate, not even the highest quality. Although, if you already spend money on an expensive substrate, then it is necessary that the floor covering match it. Using quality materials once, you can enjoy the result for many years.

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