Which heated floors should I choose for my apartment?

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The question of saving resources is always on the agendaday. Regardless, it concerns heat loss, electricity consumption or finance. Modern science allows us to use the latest technology in the economy and in everyday life. The installation of meters for the consumption of water and heat makes it possible not only to regulate the climate in the apartment, but also to save money. And additional heat sources allow you not to depend on central heating and adjust the desired temperature in the apartment yourself. Now you do not need to increase the number of batteries in the room, it is enough to change the stereotype of thinking.

heated floors
To date, there are several technologies,with which the desired temperature is reached. First of all, these are heated floors that use hot water. You can connect them to batteries, but it is better for this purpose to have your heating device. If you decide to heat the room with a water floor, you must first carry out a number of works. On the rough floor lay pipes of small diameter, which are then poured with a screed. Above, they cover with any coating.

Warm floors with heating based on hot waterallow you to use floor tiles, laminate, linoleum and even parquet. It is only necessary when choosing the finish material to pay attention to its characteristics, so that then the floors do not lose attractiveness. If you take a cheap parquet, then from the effects of heat surges, it can crack. This applies to the rest of the coating. To choose any material is necessary taking into account the temperature indexes.

Underfloor heating
Laying pipes and filling the screed - enoughlaborious work. To simplify this procedure will allow electric underfloor heating. They are sold in rolls and do not require any additional screed. The heating mat is ready for use. It is easy to fit and suitable for any floor you like.

In addition to water and electricity, there is still a floor withheating, which uses nanotechnology. The infrared rays created by the polymer that is used in this method heat the floor and do not create overheating. This technology is also good because it has a very beneficial effect on the person and his body.

heating floor
Each option is interesting in certain conditions.But they have a common positive indicator, which highlights the heated floors. Heat is created on the entire perimeter, there is no overheating of individual elements. The air warms up at the floor and rises. The temperature is the same at every point of the room. All the work you can do yourself. But it is better to connect specialists to this. They will help not only to correctly calculate the quantity of necessary material, but also will prompt what is better to use for your apartment. You can choose one type of floor heating, but you can combine them if desired. In the bathroom, for example, use the water floor, and in the kitchen and hallway to lay floors with heating on the basis of electricity.

In addition to saving money and a comfortable temperature in the apartment, the warm floor allows you to get a lot of pleasant sensations from walking barefoot.

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