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If you are sure that your nightThe nightmare is not Freddy Kruger from Elm Street, but bugs, congratulations! You have a new "headache" called "How to get bugs at home." Well, let's find out how!

To begin with, we note that the fight against domesticbedbugs is not such a simple activity as it seems. However, given a modern approach to this problem, it is quite effective. After all, nothing is impossible!

how to bring bugs home

How to bring bugs home?

Introductory word

We note at once that any universalfunds from these parasites do not exist. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct complex work and get rid of these creatures by trial and error. The complexity and nature of the struggle depends on how infected the bed bugs are.

How to remove bedbugs at home by chemical means?

  1. Before you kill bugs,carefully process your room. Hermetically pack all food products, clothes and, of course, dishes. This precautions against ingestion of a person's poison.
  2. Remove from the premises children, elderly and domesticanimals. By the way, isolate both children's toys, and things that they pull into their mouths. Sealing objects, make sure the absence of bugs and their eggs (larvae) on them.
  3. Take care of your own protection: put rubber gloves on your hands and do not forget about the protective mask!
  4. It is better to process your home in the morning. You should open the windows. After the treatment is completed, close all windows and doors tight for 8 hours.
  5. How can bugs be brought out?There are many chemicals on sale. However, remember that over time, the same drug contributes to the production of parasites of immunity. Today, the market includes such products as Raptor, Reid, Prima-U (sprays), Foksid, Forsyte, Insekta (liquid), Neopin and Riapan (powdered ). Very effective is the "Good micro" kit.
  6. An effective chemical in the fight againstbugs is meth. In Russian, this is an ordinary alcohol for burning. After it on the upholstery of your furniture, in the wardrobe and on other things there are no stains left. Places "nesting" bedbugs richly watered with this alcohol, which destroys the parasites.
    how to raise bedbugs with folk remedies

How to bring out bedbugs with folk remedies?

However well prepared you may be, chemicalThe fight with bedbugs is a very risky option for their destruction with their own hands. After all, you will in any case have to breathe venomous fumes, despite the presence of a protective mask. Therefore, there are alternative methods that solve the problem of how to remove bedbugs at home. It's about the people's means.

There are plants, which bugs (and notonly they) are afraid most of all. This tansy, wormwood, Ledum and other vegetation, which produces a very pungent smell. Spread the herbs in the clumps of bedbugs. This will make them intoxicated and make you leave your home.

than you can pull bedbugs

Another way

If you want to end the parasite once and for all, without risking your health, then contact the professionals. Disinsectors with a guarantee will save you from these insects.

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