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When two children appear, parents beginthink about how they fit in the apartment, especially if it is not possible to allocate a separate room. That is why this issue becomes relevant. The main thing is to make the right choice and not make a mistake. In very cramped conditions, the best option would be a bunk bed made of solid wood.

bunk beds from solid wood

Why should you prefer a bunk bed?

Use of such berths isa classic solution to the problem. You can choose a model that suits the needs of children and the desires of parents. For example, if you need to have an additional work area or a new cabinet, shelf, drawer, you should pay attention to those options that have a table under the second bed, and there may be small lockers on the sides. Also, we should not forget about those models, in which the staircase is designed in such a way that the stairs are drawers. The latter option is very convenient, since there does not penetrate the dust, which means that things will stay in a clean condition longer. If the family budget allows, then, choosing a bunk bed, you need to pay attention to the material. It is best to stop on a tree. Standard breeds (such as ash, maple, oak) will cost as a normal crib. Rare arrays (for example, Hevea) - slightly more expensive.

Some parents think that children inTeenage age has long been uninteresting such bunk beds, but this is not so. Many, growing to 16 years, begin to fall into childhood again, watching cartoons all day and eating chocolate "Alenushka." In the end, for a long time already on sale appeared beds-transformers. Some models are standard bunk beds. A distinctive feature will be that they can decompose, fold, separate. Thanks to this, it is easy to make two full-height beds out of a bunk bed, separately standing, which can be placed in a room in different angles.

bunk bed made of solid wood

Bunk bed for children

Thanks to the bunk bed, the problem of lack of space in the room is easily solved. At purchase it is necessary to pay attention to convenience of furniture, its reliability, functionality, and also safety.

Beds for children are mandatorybe with the border and partitions (it is better that they are about 30 cm high). Especially it is necessary, if the child restlessly sleeps, constantly turning around, or likes to actively play in a sleeping place.

Bunk beds from the array must have a comfortable ladder, with which the child will easily reach the floor. You should prefer a removable or if desired sloped.

The most appropriate option would be furniture fromtree. It is environmentally friendly, which justifies its high price. Some firms prefer to replace the array with chipboard in order to somehow reduce the cost, but it is not worth saving on children's health.

children's bunk beds from solid wood

Children's bunk beds from solid wood

Pine, oak, birch are materials from whichreliable and durable beds are made. They not only have an excellent effect on human health, but they also smell wonderful. You should see how high it is, standard or otherwise, in order to avoid various incidents during operation.

The most affordable option would be the children'sa bunk bed made of solid pine. When buying it, you should pay attention to whether it is painted and whether the adhesive was used in making the bed. No paint, no glue in the beds for children should not be!

Arched beds with cupboard

Over time, the range of bunk bedsconstantly updated. And already there are models with a built-in wardrobe. As a rule, it is located to the right or left of the classic bed and has several ordinary shelves for books or toys.

The locker can be mounted in completely different ways. For example, to be one with a bed or, conversely, be attached. The wall of furniture will be the back of the bed itself.

Beds bunk from the array are differentcabinet design. It can be divided into two halves: one includes a crossbar for hanging things, the second - shelves. Its height varies depending on the size of the bed.

Some models are designed in such a way that the steps are boxes, where you can put things, bedding and any other accessories.

bunk bed made of solid pine

Bed with table

If one of the children has to go to school in the near future, then their choice should be stopped on the bed with a built-in workplace. It's incredibly convenient and like most of the guys.

Typically, the table is set at the bottombut there are also models in which it is located on the second floor, along with the bed. However, this option is suitable only for those who have high ceilings in the apartment. Some firms staff the workplace with small lockers, shelves and other accessories for school things.

A bunk bed made of solid wood (photo below) with a table - beautiful furniture that will save money, but it will also be very versatile and will save space in the room.

children's bunk beds from solid wood

Bed for order

If funds permit, then you can ordera bunk bed at a company specializing in it. The plus of this solution is that you can choose any bed with the right sizes, patterns, ornaments, devices (cabinet, workplace, shelves).

Also, companies that manufacturesleeping areas, you can ask to make an individual staircase or drawers. Beds bunk from the array of strong processing can not be given due to the specifics of the material, but elementary decorations can come up with.

An integral advantage will be the fact that the design is chosen by the customer. This suggests that the child has the opportunity to dream up and come up with an original print.

bunk bed made of solid pine

Sleeping place for children with their own hands

It is unlikely that anyone will argue with the fact thatA quality bed from environmentally friendly materials will cost a lot. If for a family a children's bunk bed made of solid pine is a heavy load, the only way out of the situation will be to make it yourself.

It is difficult to say that making a bed- an easy affair; for this you need a drawing, all the necessary materials, as well as skillful hands. The main thing is to build a model for our children that will not only save money, but be convenient, reliable, functional and just make the child happy.

If the head of the family does not doubt his own strength andthe budget allows you to purchase accessories, you can safely get down to business. Children will appreciate the heroic deed of their father or grandfather.

bunk bed from solid photo

Types of wood from which a bed can be made

Several generations of more than one family have tested the medicinal properties of wood. It is able to create coziness and comfort in any home, as well as bring joy and happiness.

  1. Oak.Beds bunk from solid oak will serve faithfully for several years. This material is strong enough, it is able to withstand mechanical influences, also well "perceives" screws and nails. Children in such a sleeping place will be able to do their favorite activities: jump and run.
  2. Pine.Products from it differ in that they have disinfecting properties. This is useful if the bed is purchased for very young children. If suddenly a child wants to lick or bite off a piece from the side of the bed, then parents can not be afraid of the consequences: the pine is completely safe and can not be processed.
  3. Ash.We can say that it is an alternative option if it is not possible to purchase any high-priced children's bunk beds from solid wood such as oak. It slightly resembles mahogany and perfectly withstand deformations of different types.

Good and at the same time budget options are alder and beech.

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