How is paving slab made?

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To date, building materials have becomebe in great demand. This is due to the constant lack of space for housing and business, which, in turn, stimulates construction. Therefore, the manufacture of paving slabs has become quite a good business. The fact is that this building material is very popular, because it is necessary not only for new objects, but also for repairs. At the same time, the administration of different cities sometimes requires businessmen to improve their workplaces and stores with such a tile. That is why independent production of paving slabs will always be a good way to earn money.

manufacture of paving slabs

Production technology

The principle of manufacturing this type of tileis filled with special concrete prepared forms. After this, the resulting part must dry. As a result, one unit of the product is ready. However, this technology may seem very simple, but in fact it contains many subtleties that are the basis of all production.

The form

The basis for the manufacture of such products isspecial form. It is made of silicone and represents a back-up copy of the future part. The manufacture of paving slabs implies reusable application, which means that the mold itself must be compliant and strong. In this case, before each use, lubricate it with working off or fat, so that the finished product is easily removed.

independent manufacture of paving slabs

Manufacture of paving slabs: equipment and tools

Engaged in the manufacture of building materialsthis type, you need to take care of the tools in advance. First of all, you need a concrete mixer. In it, it is easiest to make the necessary solution, carefully mixing all the necessary components. After the concrete is poured into the molds, they must be processed on a vibrating table. This device is simply necessary, because it allows small, but long-lasting oscillations to get rid of air bubbles that have appeared in the solution when pouring. Therefore, for the manufacture of paving slabs to be of high quality, and the finished products meet all necessary standards, both of these devices should be purchased.

manufacture of paving slabs equipment


After the molds have been treated with vibration,they are left to dry. However, this process is quite long and even with the use of special concrete it is impossible to produce large volumes in the same form. In this case, there is a special technique, which greatly accelerates the manufacture of paving slabs. It consists in forcing the moisture from the products with the help of ammonia water. To do this, it is sufficient to expand all the forms in one place, put on them a cloth impregnated with an aqueous solution of ammonia, and then cover it with a polyethylene film. This technique allows you to reduce the drying time by half, and even three times. However, it requires a well-ventilated room and work in individual protective equipment. After hardening, the tiles are removed and stacked on wooden pallets to stand a little.

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