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Tomatoes are certainly one of the mostdemanded from gardeners crops. And it's not just a great taste of fruits, because tomatoes are also endowed with dietary properties. Violations of the cardiovascular system and digestive system do not threaten fans of this type of vegetable.

If you decided to start growing tomatoes, thenit should be borne in mind that the size and quality of the crop are directly dependent on the selected variety of the vegetable. The characteristics of climate and soil are the determining factors in the choice of tomato variety. In addition, gardeners usually prefer those varieties that have the desired characteristics. From all of the above, we can conclude that the choice of this or that kind of tomato is a matter of taste.

Nowadays it is very popularuses tomato Pink honey, which is part of the collection "Siberian Garden". This variety can be called without exaggeration one of the most delicious. Pink large fleshy fruit is perfect for making different salads. Tomato Pink honey has a lot of fruits on the first hands of about 1500 gr. The height of the plant is 1-1.3 meters. This variety of tomatoes is quite resistant to common diseases, has a tendency to cracking in comparison with other types of tomatoes. Cultivation in beds where legumes, cabbages, radishes, carrots, winter wheat, and also in the neighborhood with these crops were earlier as well as growing in previously unused fertilized soil. However, experienced gardeners know that planting tomato. Pink honey after cucumbers, zucchini, as well as eggplant and other vegetables of the family of the nightshade is absolutely unacceptable.

In the central part of Russia popular methods of growing this variety of tomatoes are:

- greenhouse method;

- greenhouse cultivation;

- growing under temporary shelters;

- landing in the open ground;

- growing in limited containers;

- growing on bags with a fertile soil mixture;

- growing straw bales.

Seedling method of tomato growing is the mostpreferable and deprived of unjustified risk due to the cold climate of the northern zones. Before planting, it is necessary to perform a preliminary sterilization of the vessels, it is recommended to plant seedlings exclusively in the protected soil.

A competent choice of the cultivation method suitable for the climatic conditions of your area, care and control over the sprouts are a guarantee of a rich harvest of these wonderful fruits.

Tomato Pink honey perfectly coexists on a garden bed with other varieties of this vegetable culture.

Tomato Pink flamingos have a fairly largeThe fruit is oval in shape, the sugar flesh of which has a pleasant sweet taste. It is the unsurpassed taste that is the main advantage of this variety. However, it should also be noted that the tomato Pink King does not have a green stain on the stalk, which is so common in other varieties. The weight of vegetables of the first harvest is 250-300 gr, the subsequent collections are characterized by a minimum mass of tomatoes 150-200 gr. Another advantage of this variety is the absence of small fruits. Tomato The pink king is an early ripening sort: the fruits begin to ripen within 90 days after the germination of the seeds. In addition, this variety is resistant to stressful situations, namely, to severe weather conditions and the overgrowing of beds. Also, tomato is resistant not only to the lowered temperature regime, but also to low illuminance and the tobacco mosaic virus. This is a popular variety among gardeners, the fruits of which are great for preparing salads, and for direct consumption.

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