Bunk beds-transformers - a necessary attribute of a small apartment

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When the family has two children, the house is filledlaughter and joy doubly. But worries become, respectively, twice as much. Not everyone can boast of large apartment sizes, which means that it is not always possible to give each child a large amount of personal space for sleeping and playing games. For such cases, bunk bed-transformers were created. They fit perfectly into a small corner of the room, but at the same time they will be able to organize two beds at once, and not only for this they are needed.

bunk beds transformers
What good are these models? Bunk beds-transformers - this is a real children's corner. Two beds, located one above the other, give the child the opportunity to feel then in the train car, then on the deck of the ship - depending on the imagination and games. In addition, due to the presence of rails, the probability of falling out from the top level of such a bed is minimized. A side staircase makes bunk beds-transformers a real testing ground for children's games and entertainment, and therefore, saves space in the apartment also for a child's corner.

bunk beds transformers prices
Their peculiarity in comparison with conventionaltwo-story beds from our childhood that the height of their installation can be adjusted for the growth of the child, and later, when the children grow up, the upper tier in general can be dismantled and removed. Very often bunk beds-transformers, photos of which are available in many furniture catalogs, are designed in such a style that they can easily fit into any interior of the children's room and will not force the hosts to adjust the entire decor of the room to their special features. They are made of wood and covered with a tinted varnish depending on the wishes of the buyer, so you can choose the right shade of wood for almost any type of decoration of walls and interior details.

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Another plus in the acquisition of such furniture forchildren is its cost. It is worth looking in furniture stores bunk beds-transformers. Prices will pleasantly surprise you - they will be much lower than for two identical standard baby cots. Such a model will be a good opportunity to economically approach the issue of children's furniture, but is it not necessary for parents? After all, the cost of a child is usually very significant.

In general, in order to sum up all the above,Let's think, for whom bunk beds-transformers will approach. This is an excellent choice for families with several kids who do not have a big age difference. In addition, they will be an indispensable solution for those whose housing conditions do not allow to allocate a large room for the children's room or to organize a separate space for each child. And, of course, this is the choice of those people who know how to save money, but choose high-quality things at the same time. So if your plans are to buy furniture for the nursery, and you have not decided on the beds for your children, pay attention to these stylish and comfortable bed models.

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