Capacitor capacitance meter with own hands. Description and setup of the device

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In electrical circuits, capacitors are useddifferent types. First of all, they differ in capacity. In order to determine this parameter, special meters are used. These devices can be made with different contacts. Modern modifications are distinguished by high accuracy of measurements. In order to make a simple capacitor capacitance meter yourself, you need to familiarize yourself with the main components of the device.

capacitance meter

How does the meter work?

The standard modification includes a module withexpander. The capacitor's capacitance data is displayed. Some modifications operate on the basis of a relay transistor. It is able to operate at different frequencies. However, it should be noted that such a modification is not suitable for many types of capacitors.

capacitance meter

Low-precision devices

Make a low-precision meter of EPS capacitycapacitors with their own hands can be done using a transitional module. However, the expander is primarily used. It is more expedient to select contacts for it with two semiconductors. With an output voltage of 5 V, the current must not exceed 2 A. Filters are used to protect the meter from malfunctions. The adjustment should be carried out at a frequency of 50 Hz. The tester in this case should show resistance not higher than 50 ohms. Some people have problems with the conductivity of the cathode. In this case, replace the module.

Description of high precision models

Making a capacitor capacitance meterThe calculation of the accuracy should be made proceeding from a linear expander. The overload of the modification depends on the conductivity of the module. Many experts advise for the model to select a dipole transistor. First of all, it is capable of operating without thermal losses. It is also worth noting that the presented elements rarely overheat. The contactor for the meter can use low conductivity.

To make a simple accurate capacitance metercapacitors with their own hands, it's worth taking care of the thyristor. This element should work at a voltage of not less than 5 V. At a conductivity of 30 microns, congestion in such devices, as a rule, does not exceed 3 A. Filters are used in different types. Install them following the transistor. It is also worth noting that the display can be connected only through the conductor ports. For charging the meter, batteries of 3 W are suitable.

simple, accurate capacitor self-capacitance meter

How to make a model of the AVR series?

Make a capacitor capacitance meterThe hands of AVR can only be based on a variable transistor. First of all, the contactor is selected for modification. To adjust the model, you should immediately measure the output voltage. The negative resistance of the meters should not exceed 45 ohms. With a conductivity of 40 microns, the overload in devices is 4 A. To ensure maximum measurement accuracy, comparators are used.

Some experts recommend selecting onlyopen filters. They are not afraid of impulse noise even when the workload is high. Pole stabilizers have been in great demand recently. For the modification, only grid comparators are not suitable. Before turning on the device, resistance is measured. In qualitative models, this parameter is approximately 40 ohms. However, in this case, much depends on the frequency of modification.

Setting up and assembling a model based on PIC16F628A

Make a capacitor capacitance meterhands on the PIC16F628A is quite problematic. First of all, an open transceiver is selected for the assembly. The module is allowed to use an adjustable type. Some experts do not recommend installing high conductivity filters. Before soldering the module, the output voltage is checked.

With increased resistance, it is recommendedreplace the transistor. In order to overcome the impulse noise, comparators are used. Conductor stabilizers can also be used. Displays are often of a text type. Install them through the channel ports. The modification is set up using a tester. With overestimated capacitor capacitance parameters it is worth replacing transistors with low conductivity.

capacitance meter of electrolytic capacitors

Model for electrolytic capacitors

If necessary, you can make a metercapacitance of electrolytic capacitors by hand. Store models of this type are distinguished by low conductivity. Many modifications are made on contactor modules and operate at a voltage of no more than 40 V. The protection system for them is of the class PK.

It is also worth noting that the meters of this typehave a lower frequency. The filters they use are only transient, they can effectively cope with impulse noise, as well as harmonic oscillations. If we talk about the shortcomings of modifications, it is important to note that they have a small bandwidth. They show poor results in conditions of high humidity. Also experts point out incompatibility with wire contactors. Devices can not be used in an alternating current circuit.

Modifications for field capacitors

Devices for field capacitors are allocateddecreased sensitivity. Many models are capable of operating from rectilinear contactors. Devices are most often used as a transitional type. In order to make a modification with your own hands, you need to use an adjustable transistor. Filters are installed in sequential order. To test the meter, first use small capacitors. At the same time, the tester records a negative resistance. If the deviation exceeds 15%, it is necessary to check the operation of the transistor. The output voltage on it must not exceed 15 V.

Devices for 2 V

At 2 V capacitor capacitance meterhands is done quite simply. First of all, experts recommend to prepare an open transistor with low conductivity. It is also important to choose a good modulator for it. Comparators are generally used for low sensitivity. The protection system for many models uses a series of Raman filters on the grid type. To overcome the impulse oscillations, wave stabilizers are used. Also it is worth noting that the assembly of the modification assumes the application of the expander to three contacts. To configure the model, you should use a contact tester, and the resistance should not be below 50 ohms.

capacitor capacitance meter avr

Modifications to 3 V

By folding the capacitor capacitance meterhands, you can use an adapter with an expander. Transistor is more expedient to select a linear type. On the average, the conductivity of the meter should be 4 / i. It is also important to lock the contactor before installing the filters. Many modifications also include transceivers. However, these elements are not able to work with field capacitors. The limiting parameter of capacity at them is equal 4 pF. The protection system for models is applied in the RK class.

4 V models

Collect capacitor capacitance meterhands are only allowed on linear transistors. Also for the model you need a qualitative expander and adapter. If experts are to be trusted, it is more expedient to use filters as a transitional type. If we consider market modifications, then they can use two expanders. Models operate at a frequency of no more than 45 Hz. In this case, the sensitivity of them often changes.

If you assemble a simple meter, the contactorcan be used without a triode. It has low conductivity, but it is able to work at a high load. It is also worth noting that the modification should include several pole filters that will pay attention to harmonic oscillations.

simple capacitor self-capacitance meter

Modifications with a unirpassable expander

Make a capacitor capacitance meterhands on the basis of a single-reel expander is quite simple. First of all it is recommended to choose a module with low conductivity for modification. The sensitivity parameter should not be more than 4 mV. Some models have a serious conduction problem. Transistors are usually used as a wave type. When using grid filters, the thyristor is rapidly heated.

To avoid such problems, it is recommended thatInstall immediately two filters on the grid adapters. At the end of the job, there will only be soldered the comparator. To increase the efficiency of the modification, channel stabilizers are installed. It is also worth noting that there are devices with variable contactors. They are able to operate at a frequency of not more than 50 Hz.

digital capacitor self-capacitance meter

Models based on two-way expanders: assembly and tuning

Fold on double-hop expanders digitalthe capacitor capacitor is very easy to use. However, only adjustable transistors are suitable for normal operation of the modifications. It is also worth noting that in the assembly it is necessary to select impulse comparators.

The display for the device is suitable for line type.The port can be used for three channels. To solve problems with distortion in the circuit low-sensitivity filters are used. It is also worth noting that the modifications must be collected on diode stabilizers. The model is tuned with a negative resistance of 55 ohms.

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