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There are about thirty fivethousands of varieties of orchids. But only a few species of these exquisite plants can exist in an apartment. Orchid - a flower whimsical, but in stores sell varieties that easily acclimatize to room conditions and are not too demanding to care.

orchid watering

Often, hitting the store in the house, orchidresets hothouse flowers. After that, it may not bloom for several years. Lovers of orchids, wise with many years of experience, believe that this happens in 99 cases out of 100. So if your orchid does not bloom, there's nothing wrong with that. With proper care and watering, it makes up for lost time, and you will rejoice in exotic flowers at least twice a year.

Orchid Flower
The orchid plant has a very originalstructure. The reserves of water and nutrients it receives not only from water, but also from the air. And these valuable substances are stored in thickening - pseudobulb. It is from him that flowers and new leaves appear.

For orchids growing in indoor conditions,there are general rules for care and watering. Stick to these recommendations, and your orchid will certainly please you. Watering is also important, but about this later.

This flower needs a bright diffused light. In winter, guests are highlighted from the tropics, they must cover the sun in summer. Depending on the time of year, the temperature in the room should not be lower than 18-20 degrees. Very fond of fresh air, but from cold drafts can die.

In order not to lose a beautiful orchid, wateringproduce only when the soil is completely dry, and pseudobulb shrivels. If there is no bulb, watch for the lower leaves, as soon as they podvyanut, you can water.

The quality of water is also of great importance forsuch a flower as an orchid. Watering should be done only with soft water with a low salt content. It can be rainwater, it is fashionable to pass tap water through a charcoal filter. But it is best to defend the usual from the tap for several days, and then carefully drain the sediment. Do not use cold water, the orchid may die. Watering and sprinkling should be carried out at room temperature. Several times a month you can arrange a shower for them at room temperature. In this way, you will kill two birds with one stone: remove the leaves from dust and stimulate the plant.

Orchid does not flower
In no case do not move the pot, orchidsthis is very disliked. Even a small offset can cause injury, especially when the orchid blooms. Watering and spraying are not enough to humidify the air. Near the plant, you must put a container of water.

To ensure that the orchid is happy with constant flowering, the pots should be made of smooth, transparent plastic. Roots are actively involved in the process of photosynthesis, and they need daylight.

Observe these simple rules that relate tosuch a delicate flower as an orchid - watering and leaving will not be burdensome and will carry results. And you will enjoy the blooming of these amazingly beautiful flowers.

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