Interior design of a one-room apartment, or competently dispose of square meters

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A warm and cozy atmosphere in the house is a desireeach person. It does not depend on how many square meters are at the owners' disposal. Nowadays, most people live in small apartments. The main task in the arrangement of such a premise is that it should be functional and practical. And for this you need to carefully and carefully think through all the details.

Interior design of a one-room apartment can bedesign yourself, and you can contact a specialist who will be able to correctly and correctly use these square meters. Naturally, to save the family budget and equip the dwelling in an individual, unique style, the project is better to create independently.

interior design of a one-room apartment
It should be borne in mind that the arrangement of "odnushki"business is not easy and responsible. After all, there is very little space in it, and in terms of functionality it should correspond, at least, to a two-room apartment. In the house there should be a bedroom, a living room, a dining room and even a nursery. Therefore, in order to achieve multifunctionality of the premises, it is necessary to observe a number of rules.

Repair and design of a one-room apartment beginwith increasing space. There are several ways that will help make the premises more light and spacious. The first, the most common way, is the elimination of the wall between the room and the kitchen, unless this partition is a carrier. To divide the resulting space into several functional areas, you can use a glass partition, various screens, different levels of the floor or build a bar counter.

If there is no possibility to make an apartment-studio,then you need to make the most of every inch of the room and do not forget about its zoning. For the visual division of the area, multi-level ceilings, lighting, podium are used.

 repair and design of a one-room apartment

Design for a one-room apartment shouldto be carried out in light light color scale. Dark colors can visually reduce the space, so they should be avoided in the interior of small rooms. Large patterns on the walls, curtains of heavy fabric of dark colors will not look good in this case.

The room should be bright, filled with a daylightlight. For windows the easiest tulle of a pastel palette is best. Also, making out the interior design of a one-room apartment, you can use Roman blinds.

The main task of the project is to plan correctlyzone of the room. There are many options for this. For example, to build a podium on top of which you can put a bed or equip a workplace. The height of such a structure should not be more than 50 cm, then it will not look very bulky in a small area. The podium can also serve as a niche. Downstairs are mounted drawers that are suitable for storing various things.

A special role in the design of the interior playslighting. Each zone must have its own light source. Therefore, it is better to use point or combined lighting. The chandelier is suitable for the main supply of light, and with the help of spotlights it is possible to distinguish separate parts of the room.

design for one-room apartment

Planning the interior design of a one-room apartment,due attention should be given to furniture. It should be convenient and functional. For small rooms it is best to use sliding-door wardrobes with mirrored doors. First, the mirror visually increases the space, and secondly, this type of furniture is quite roomy. When choosing a bed, it is better to stop on a folding sofa. It does not take a lot of space in the folded form, but in the unfolded - it will turn into a full bed.

If correctly and deliberately to plan designinterior of a one-room apartment, you can achieve excellent results. A small square is not a hindrance to creating a comfortable and cozy home. The main thing is to take into account that the room should be functional, divided into zones and uncluttered with unnecessary things.

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