Feng Shui: zones for comfort and well-being

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One of the most popular hobbies and destinationsinterior design became the eastern doctrine of Feng Shui. This theory studies the flow of energy, which carries a certain meaning and special significance for different aspects of human life. According to the Taoist teaching, our dwelling should be divided into Feng Shui zones. This will help to attract money to the house, will promote a prosperous economy, and energy flows will bring harmony to family relations.

Feng Shui: zones

But how correctly to divide the apartment into Feng Shuizone in order not to violate the established rules? To do this, you can invite a specially trained master to your house, which, naturally, for a certain reward, will help you plan space, advise you to purchase the house necessary accessories for complete harmonization of energy flows. From some things and plants in the home we will offer to get rid of. But if you study this issue yourself, in particular Feng Shui apartments, the zones to identify are not that difficult.

The zone of wealth of the apartment is the south-easternpart, which is also called the money zone. If you place this place correctly, it will allow you to gradually, but fairly steadily accumulate material wealth. Without excessive fuss and haste, you can eventually achieve your goals, which are closely related to wealth.

Feng Shui zones
Correctly located the Feng Shui zone, you can createfor itself a solid and reliable financial support. Money, according to theory, is closely related to water. And if you place a sink or kitchen sink in the south-east of the apartment, it will clearly mean that the money from the family flows like an outflowing water in an unknown direction. Therefore, you can not have in this part of the apartment a bathroom, a toilet and a kitchen sink.

The career zone is located in the northern partapartments. In this part, it is just necessary to activate the zone for promotion through the career ladder and the successful course of affairs closely related to your work. Disassemble the rubble in this part of the room, all the broken and unnecessary things will have to be thrown away. Observe perfect purity and order - they must be in this part of the Feng Shui zone. It is better to place your diplomas and diplomas in the most prominent place. If space allows, then you can put here your desktop, phone and computer.

The north-eastern part of the apartment symbolizesknowledge. It would be prudent to arrange in this part of the space a student's or student's desk. For young people who receive knowledge in one or another educational institution, this zone indicates the successful assimilation of the theory, the successful passing of exams or a successful entry into the institute. If an adult man is located here, it will symbolize wisdom for him and constant improvement of his knowledge.

Feng Shui apartments: zones

The space of love is traditionally considered the south-west. Here it is necessary to have a bedroom intended for the couple.

Masters of the theory of energy strictly shareFeng Shui areas from each other. No zone should interfere with the other, each must fulfill its direct purpose and function without outside interference.

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