The meaning of the flower: an orchid is a symbol of love and passion

Home cosiness

Representatives of the flora are partners in life.They surround us everywhere. In gardens and parks, in offices and apartments, by their presence, plants not only decorate them, but are capable of causing joyful sensations, and sometimes even admiration.

Flowers on the window

A city apartment or a private house is impossibleimagine without a houseplant. Picking up the pets from the numerous detachment of flora that fill the home with beauty and cosiness, we do not think about their meanings. When choosing a plant, the main criterion is the appearance. Necessarily in the decorative collection there are flowering plants. Among them, the leader is the orchid. She's gorgeous. A flowering plant causes a huge wave of emotions.

A bit of history

orchid value of a flower

In order to know the meaning of a flower (orchidwe are interested in this case), look into the past. A beautiful, exquisite plant amazes with its perfection. The translation of the name speaks of the divine origin of the flower. He was sung in verse, depicted on canvases. This plant was highly valued. Amazing legends about a flower like an orchid. The value of a flower determines its unusualness, refinement and perfection. His price was high. Orchid was considered an "aristocratic" plant. He was represented as a fantastic creature, a representative of unearthly civilizations. In the Amazonian belief, the beautiful goddess bore the name Orchid. The meaning of the flower is associated with this beautiful legend. She talks about the goddess of light, who preferred to save her love and move to a world of people. So there was an amazing flower - an orchid. The meaning of a flower is love and tender passion.

Natural elements of feng shui

Accommodation of indoor flowering plants is notonly interior decoration. Each plant carries a special semantic feature. It is very important to know the meaning of the flower. Orchid in Feng Shui is associated with fertility.

value of a flower orchid

The sophistication and beauty of the plant is associated withaspiration to perfection. It is a symbol of abundance and spiritual growth, beauty, purity and abundance. Orchids growing in an apartment or office will certainly help to attract wealth and success in all areas. At least, his presence testifies to the prosperity of the owners. The price of this plant is still considerable.

Value of a flower: an orchid depending on the color

Flowers are a traditional gift.Exotic magnificence, created by nature - a luxurious orchid plant. The best gift can not be imagined. What kind of flower to give, so that the gift was of a certain value? In this case, a certain color is selected. The meaning of colors depends on it.

Orchid of orange, green, purple orlilac can speak of feelings of gratitude. Such flowers are presented to business partners or co-workers. They can be given not only to women. A man will be pleased to receive such a present. A recognition of love and passionate passion will be orchids of gentle light shades. Beloved woman a magnificent gift will be white and pink orchids.

meaning of orchid flowers

These fantastic plants not only canserve to express feelings. They have a beneficial effect on their possessor. The value of a flower (an orchid of different colors) is individual. There is an opinion that it is the orchid - the source of harmony.

Flowers can absorb negative energy.They have a positive effect on mood. Everyday contact with beautiful representatives of the plant world is the best cure for depression and dissatisfaction.

Combination in a bouquet

Orchids are used to compose floralcompositions that symbolize light feelings, refinement, nobility. Orchid is a talisman of a loving woman, guardian of family happiness. It will be irreplaceable to include this flower in the composition of the solemn wedding bouquet.

orchid white flower value

A great combination will be calla and orchidwhite. The value of the flower strengthens the purpose of the bouquet. Two plants perfectly complement each other. Calla is a talisman from evil and evil, envious people and diseases. Orchid, in turn, is a love talisman. Their combination symbolizes a strong union of loving hearts. White color emphasizes the solemnity of the event. A bouquet of callas and orchids is a symbol of purity, tenderness, innocence and family happiness.

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