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Such a question as the calculation of the grounding of householdelectrical engineering seems to be optional and even secondary to most users and lay people. Nowadays in each family there are quite a lot of household appliances. And this leads to increased power consumption, increased load on the grid. Therefore, modern energy security regulations require that the grounding be calculated. Thus, if the grounding parameters are not initially specified and are not provided, then it must be equipped independently, on its own. And this, of course, implies the calculation of protective grounding.

earthing calculation

Faced with a similar problem, it is importantunderstand the essence of what is grounding. After all, the calculation of grounding can run many programs on the computer or even online. However, responsibility for the health and lives of relatives and friends implies understanding of the basic principles of energy and electrical safety.

In the process of virtually anyelectrical device or device on its conductive housing may appear voltage. Such a potential difference is due to the passage of an electric current through the windings of electric motors or transformers. Even if the case is not directly connected to the power lines, it will still generate a voltage, which is caused by the current generated by the electromagnetic field. To remove this voltage from the body of the electrical appliance, the device must be grounded, that is, connected to the ground. For this purpose, the earthing loop is also calculated.

calculation of the ground loop

Technical feasibility of the calculationGrounding can be traced to the example of a TV. In all modern televisions are necessarily in the design of the device for their emergency shutdown under the condition of overvoltage. However, it also requires grounding, because without it, this device simply does not react to overvoltage, which will lead to breakage.

Make a grounding in a modern high-rise buildingpretty simple. Wiring in such high-rise buildings necessarily includes a special grounding wire, which is laid parallel to the power lines. Therefore, the calculation of grounding in such cases is not needed. It is enough simply to install and connect such a device as a three-pin socket.

In houses where a grounding wire was not provided during construction, it can be done. To do this, zero or ground wire must be connected to the free terminals on the meter panel.

calculation of protective earthing

But in this way to ground in the oldhouses ("Khrushchev") will not work. There is already a grounding device. As such a device, conductive structures that directly have direct contact with the ground (water pipes, foundation reinforcement) are often used. Or you can use artificial earthing. In this case, vertical metal rods are welded into the ground, welded together, or they are laid horizontally in the form of metal wires below the freezing level of the soil.

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