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Every gardener, of course, wants to haveonly a rich harvest, but also a beautiful summer residence. Self-improvement, of course, takes a lot of effort and time, but it saves a lot of budget, and the work will be done to the glory. As for landscape designer services, they often are unreasonably expensive. On how to equip the dacha with their own hands, we'll talk in this article.

Any work on the ground begins with planning. The country plot is not an exception. Self-mastering requires a creative approach, so try to draw every detail while there is inspiration.

If you do not have a fence, it's worthwhilethink about his choice. Usually the main fence has a height of human height or a little more, and decorative fences inside the site are 30-60 cm. Starting from the fence is worth it because it not only fulfills its main purpose, but also should be in harmony with the overall planned project. Material for the fence can be very different: from slag blocks to polycarbonate, from which would have turned out a good crate. It should be noted that at certain times of the day the fence will cast a shadow on the lawn, and not all flowers can grow there if it is made very "deaf".

how to equip a holiday home with your own hands

Arrange the order and clear the place forfurther work. It should resemble an abandoned wasteland, and a residential dacha site. Arrangement with their own hands is not done in one sitting, and often stretches not for one season, because you always need something to patch, fix, plaster. Be prepared for the fact that after a while you will want to depart from the original plan.

What, how not flowers can be best decoratedcountry cottage area? With your own hands, you can build an excellent flower bed, and using only improvised materials. But first you need to understand the paths on the site. If you come up with a beautiful design, they will very well harmonize with the whole layout. For example, the relief paths of gravel are in sympathetic contrast with the green lawn. And you can make a very economical tile of wooden ends. Concrete same tracks will serve you more than one decade, and among the many options it's a sin not to pick up the tiles to your taste. Due to its huge range and durability, it is in greatest demand.

decorate a plot of land with your own hands

Then you can already ennoble the villa site. Arranging yourself flower beds, will delight you. It's really a very exciting and interesting activity. Flowers should be chosen in such a way that they bloom all season, from April to October. In the center of the flower bed is placed the tallest plants or a small shrub, and then planted the site with stunted and creeping plants. Primulas are ideal primroses, crocuses, hyacinths, snowdrops. Then comes the turn of flowering of tulips, daisies, lilies of the valley. And chrysanthemums, dahlias and asters bloom already late in the autumn.

Do not forget to maintain the right combinationflowers on a flowerbed, and also consider their exactingness to soil, watering and fertilizers. Remember that not all flowers like neighborhood, and some can not stand even a light penumbra.

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