Finnish peat toilet for the dacha with their own hands.

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In this article, we will consider all aspects of the construction of a standard toilet for self-catering.

biotoilets for peat

The construction of a latrine is always associated witha lot of problems and issues related to the lack of sewage and water supply. In addition, the presence of a traditional rural lavatory, accompanied by flies and an unpleasant smell, can spoil the rest for both you and your neighbors. But the Finnish peat toilet for the dacha will do just fine.

Finnish peat toilet for summer residence
These toilets, in comparison with analogues, havemany advantages. First, they are environmentally friendly. This toilet absolutely does not need liquids on chemical bases, which are dangerous for the environment and your health. Filler from peat acts in its role. Secondly, this toilet is unpretentious in service and convenient to use.

Finnish peat toilet for summer residence
A Finnish peat toilet for cottages has such athe principle of work, which is based on a natural, natural biological process. A mixture of peat with microorganisms inhabiting it recycles waste, and copes with an unpleasant odor perfectly.

Finish a Finnish peat toiletfor giving under the force to everyone. To do this, you need to make a small, solid room, correctly place the ventilation, install a capacity of 20 liters in it, preferably frost-resistant and stainless, in the form of a bucket, toilet seat, prepare a pit for humus (compost) and the most important component is peat. The Finnish peat toilet for the dacha functions in the same way as usual, with one exception - there is no need to rinse, everything is recycled peat.

Finnish peat toilet for summer residence

Another advantage of this dry closet is the lowcost price. For him, it is not required to supply a water supply, accordingly, water, electricity (excluding lighting) is not wasted. Do not need sewerage, installation of expensive equipment for a septic tank. Toilets of peat are equipped with a special capacity, fixed above the level of the toilet, for a dry mixture of peat, equipped with a special device - dispenser.

bio toilet for summer residence
It is intended as if for "washing off":pulled the handle - and another portion of peat evenly scattered in the toilet. And so layer by layer, until the capacity is full. Therefore, the peat toilet is also called a "dry toilet".

The bio toilet for the cottage has one more purpose:besides using it for human needs, it helps to get fertilizer. The process is simple: we install in the lower part of the toilet a large container with a volume of 100 - 120 liters for waste. The tank of such capacity for a long time can not be cleaned, until, as a result, it is filled to the top. But before such a situation should not bring. It is easier and much easier to clean the container once every two weeks or, in extreme cases, once a month. It will be necessary to come up with some kind of adaptation so that without the difficulties it would be possible to transport a capacity of this volume to the compost pit. The contents of the tank are poured into the pit and poured once more with a layer of peat - and so layer by layer. Thus, you get rid of the unpleasant odor and get a positive effect in the form of an excellent fertilizer.

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