Consider what is best: a parquet board or a laminate

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Planning repairs in the apartment, many are faced withdifficulties associated with the choice of finishing materials. In this article we will try to figure out what is best: a parquet board or a laminate. First you need to study all the pros and cons of flooring of interest to us, as well as their quality indicators and choose the most suitable option for yourself.

Laminate - parquet board. Comparison.

that is better a parquet board or a laminate

Strength of material

What do you think, in this respect, which is better: a parquet board or a laminate? The answer to this question is unequivocal. Undoubtedly, a laminate. It is based on a high-strength fiberboard, which does not warp, bend, lose shape or sag. Thanks to these indicators, the flooring has a fairly long life (about ten years), while the joints of the panels do not diverge, and the material retains its original appearance for a long time. The parquet board in this plan is more whimsical. The tree does not tolerate high loads, it can be scratched or damaged by the action of heavy objects and even sharp heels. With a high humidity, this material can even be shattered. However, despite a small warranty period of operation, with careful care and restoration, the parquet floor can retain its attractiveness for about 20 years.

Ecological compatibility

Parquet board entirely consists of wood. Laminate does not contain natural material. It only imitates its coloring and drawing. Therefore, the question: "Which is better: laminate or parquet board?" - in this regard, you can confidently give priority to the second floor covering.


that it is better laminate or parquet board
Laminate - absolutely unpretentious material. Its top layer is made of high-strength film, which protects the coating from a variety of negative effects. It can be safely washed with an ordinary mop, since it does not absorb water. Laminate is not susceptible to the negative effects of chemical compounds, so when cleaning, you can use almost any detergent. However, if damaged, this material is not subject to recovery. It is only possible to replace its individual parts. Let's consider what is better: a parquet board or a laminate? The natural tree is extremely poorly tolerant of moisture. Therefore, it is possible to wipe the floor on which the parquet board is laid, only with a damp cloth. Cleaning with chemicals and abrasive brushes is also prohibited, as the top cover can be damaged. However, due to its structure, this material can be restored quite quickly and easily by grinding and varnishing.

Advantages and disadvantages of parquet

This environmentally friendly finishing materialperfectly preserves heat and poorly conducts sound. Parquet floor can be sanded up to four times. It has a sufficiently long service life and does not require antistatic treatment. Stacking is carried out quite quickly, the main thing is that the base under it is even. Parquet reacts badly to temperature drop, chemical solutions and increased humidity.

laminate parquet board comparison
Dents may be left on it from heavy household appliances or furniture.

Disadvantages and advantages and laminate

The material is practical, it is capable ofto withstand significant loads. Coverage can be made absolutely in any premises. The laminate is easy to install and does not require any special care. However, this material does not isolate extraneous noise and is not repaired.

Now, having become acquainted with the main characteristics of materials, to determine what is best: a parquet board or a laminate, it will be much easier.

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