How to properly clean the suede at home.

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The status and prestige of suede and leather clothing stronglyhas changed for more than 1000 years. At the very beginning of the Middle Ages, leather armor from soldiers and hunting suede clothing for aristocrats was valued in weight of gold, and the leather aprons of smiths working at the hearth cost a penny. But at the same time, the famous suede regiments of the first pilots and light leather pants of the bullfighters were a real indicator of the class. Now, any models of leather and suede coats and jackets have ceased to be a special brand of clothing, but these materials have not lost their value and beauty.

At all times, the skin was considered universalmaterial, which is not very dirty, and is very convenient for long wearing and does not stain at all. However, like any other fabric, leather clothing requires careful care. About this people, as a rule, remember only when on the leather clothes there are numerous attritions. But if you do not have to clean your skin often. And the main problem is in the scuffs, then you can clean the suede only with the help of special preparations that will protect the fabric from rain and other mechanical influences.

But the process of cleaning products from suede is mucheasier, than its leather prototypes. In suede clothing, fats are strongly interconnected and also connected to collagen molecules. So cleaning the suede at home should not cause you any trouble. In addition, to clean the suede at home is best with the help of special preparations, since all the tissue molecules can not be washed with water or soap. However, cleaning suede at home is good with detergent and gasoline.

That is why, your suede jacket, skirt orYou can wash the waistcoat if necessary in a warm water solution of a powder or in a washing machine on a special delicate washing regime. The most important thing is to clean the suede at home without the help of various bioadditives and bleaches, which can damage the molecules of the wool and change the structure of the pile. For example, shoes are cleaned from suede using conventional soap, after which the product must be rinsed with warm water and try to squeeze lightly. After drying, the shoes are kneaded with their own hands, as a result of which the suede becomes very soft again.

It is worth noting that such a cleaning of suede in the homeconditions can lead to rapid shrinkage of the product, especially if you did not comply with all of the above cleaning rules. In addition, in many ways the reaction of suede to a solution depends on how the clothes are sewn and what quality the material itself is made of. For example, low-quality suede gloves are best cleaned with a cotton swab that must be prewetted with ammonia and diluted with cold water at a total concentration of 1: 4.

In addition, experts say that suedeGloves are best washed in a soapy solution, and then left to dry without rinsing and without pressing the product. After this drying, a little more damp gloves should be removed, stretched and put on a towel until it dries completely. Thus, gloves will not lose their shape, and suede will look natural and will not lose its softness and structure.

Thin suede gloves before the whole procedureit is best to clean it with a special solution of gasoline soap, which must first be diluted, and the glove must be worn on a suitable frame. Especially heavily soiled places in gloves are best rubbed with a special slurry from a mixture of zinc oxide and ethyl alcohol.

So, if all the cleaning of suede at home will go according to the rules, your suede will never lose its softness and shine.

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