Boilers solid fuel with a water circuit for the house: reviews

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Solid fuel boilers with a water circuit - this, in fact, a modified standard boiler equipment, just an additional design provides a water circuit.

solid fuel boilers with water circuit

Design features

This equipment consists of the following main elements:

  • Water circuit.
  • The ash chamber.
  • The fire-bar.
  • The furnace.

If single-circuit models are allowed to be used only for space heating, the two-circuit equipment can be used for both heating and hot water supply.

Before purchasing a dual-circuit boiler, it is recommended to determine the power that will go to heating the room (at 10m2 should account for about 1 kW) and for heating hot water.

You can load fuel automatically or manually. In the first case, solid fuel boilers with a water circuit are equipped with a reservoir, in which the fuel is stowed every 3-7 days. However, these models, compared with the boiler equipment with manual fuel shed, are much more expensive and therefore less common.

solid fuel boilers with water circuit for home

As fuel it is possible to use coal in sizeup to 25 mm, which was specially trained. Some solid fuel boilers with a water circuit are equipped with built-in electric senes, which are started in the event of a fuel shutdown. As a result, continuous operation of the boiler is ensured.


According to the material of the performance solid fuel boilers withThe water circuit for the house is divided into products made of cast iron and steel. For the cast iron equipment is characterized by a large heat capacity - it heats up longer, but then it keeps the heat longer. However, such boilers have a significant disadvantage - sensitivity to the temperature difference. If these cycles are many and they have a large range - cracks appear in the heat exchanger housing, up to failure and destruction.

Steel boilers solid-fueled with a water circuit of this lack are lacking, but they are more prone to corrosion processes from the inevitable effect of condensate.

self-made solid fuel boiler with a water circuit

The most progressive modern development inheat engineering area - solid-fuel aggregate of long burning. This equipment in most cases has a top hatch for loading fuel. This non-standard design and technological solution helps to achieve maximum effect. Fuel burns longer and emits more heat. Also there are solid fuel boilers with a water circuit for the home, using pyrolysis effect, which is the afterburning effect of wood gas, which is released during the combustion of wood. Such an efficiency system is higher.

Operating principle

A solid fuel boiler with a water circuit (reviewed below) can operate on the following fuels:

  • Granules of wood waste.
  • Briquettes of peat.
  • Coal.
  • Firewood.

For this reason, their working principle is smalldiffers from the classical solid-fuel aggregates. The feature is only in a well-designed combustion chamber equipped with a thick-walled boiler. This improves the reliability of this design and contributes to the long-term maintenance of the coolant temperature in the circuit after the damping of the boiler.

solid fuel boiler with water circuit feedback

Regulation of burning rate of fuelis carried out by means of air duct flaps. Full combustion of fuel and its rapid heating is due to the special shape of the furnace. This equipment is capable of operating on two types of water circulation in the heating system:

  1. Gravity (natural), provided with the correct slope of the pipelines.
  2. Forced using a circulation pump.

Solid-fuel boiler with a water circuit by one's own hands

The most important difference between factory and home-made products is the combustion method. In the classical version of such a boiler there is only one combustion chamber in which fuel is mixed.

Pyrolysis equipment is equipped with two chambers, and therefore it has a higher heat output.

Materials and Tools

To build a self-made solid fuel boiler with a water circuit, the following tools and materials will be needed:

  • Fireclay bricks.
  • Sheet of steel.
  • Various bolts and nuts.
  • Centrifugal fan.
  • Profile pipelines.
  • The rod is 20 mm in size.
  • Steel pipelines.
    solid fuel boiler with water circuit

Mounting Tips

Homemade units can be executed in various ways. For this you need to have the following knowledge:

  1. It is necessary to be able to calculate the most optimal and efficient version of water supply.
  2. Competently perform the calculation of the working parameters of the heat exchanger.
  3. Correctly and accurately determine the location for the combustion chamber.

You can find a lot of information, including from the craftsmen who have already installed this equipment in their house.

Any way to organize a heating system,which you have found, can be changed and improved to suit your own needs. The most important thing in this business is the competent calculation and the correct installation of the boiler.


Currently, products operating onsolid fuel, are used everywhere, and in the next few years there is no real alternative for them. Feedback about this equipment allows us to understand the reason for their indispensability in the conditions of a long winter heating season in Russia.

Owners of country and private households,operating solid fuel boilers with a water circuit, converge on the opinion of the durability, unpretentiousness, availability and reliability of these units, which for all their undeniable advantages have certain drawbacks. Cons must be taken into account and minimized even at the stage of developing a project of their own country house.

The most optimal approach to the problemheating will be an appeal to a qualified specialist in this field, which will help to choose a rational scheme of the heat supply circuit and the optimum power of the boiler unit.

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