Red ants: how to defeat pests?

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If the house or apartment was seen redant, do not panic immediately. It is possible that he accidentally fell into the room where you live. But if he brought with him a few more of his comrades, then you need to start a fight with them, otherwise such guests can do a lot of harm.

red ants

Possible problems

Usually red (or red) ants live largecolonies. And if only a few pieces were seen in the house, then gradually their number will grow. The colony consists of a female and worker ants. The uterus never leaves its nest, since its main task is to produce a new offspring. One colony can number several million individuals. After all, they multiply with incredible speed. As a result, new pest colonies can quickly populate the entire apartment. Therefore, the struggle against them should begin at the initial stages of the growth of their family. In addition, they can settle not only in one apartment, but also with neighbors. After all, insects have small sizes, as a result of which they easily penetrate into adjacent apartments through cracks, holes, cracks. On their paws, they carry not only dirt, but also various bacteria that can cause these or other diseases.

red ants in the apartment

What if ants appeared?

Probably, one of the most harmful and dangerousinsects - red ants. How to get rid of them, not everyone knows. The main thing that should be done in case of their appearance is to find a nest in which the uterus is hiding. It should be completely destroyed, otherwise the queen will produce a huge number of ants at a rapid pace. But this is already the case if an entire colony was formed by insects. It is necessary to understand that the period of development of ants is 40 days, therefore during this time it is necessary to have time to take all the required measures. Even if while in your apartment there are no pests, but they have already appeared at neighbors, it is necessary to be ready to struggle with them. In attempts to kill uninvited guests it is useless to use insecticides, which help get rid of fleas and cockroaches. Even if the workers die, the uterus will still remain alive, and the process of breeding insects will continue.

red ants how to get rid

How to defeat pests?

If it was decided to fight theants, that is, without the help of special services, it is necessary to unite with other tenants at home. Otherwise, insects will appear again and again, no matter what measures are taken. As already mentioned above, red ants are highly fertile, therefore, most likely, they have already managed to settle in other apartments. This is especially true for high-rise buildings. Together, it is easier to find an ant nest. Moreover, there may be several in one house.

Methods of destruction

So, how to get rid of red ants? It's easy if you know the right ways to deal with them. There are a huge number of options that vary in speed, cost, efficiency. Consider several ways to get rid of pests:

  • Call a special brigade. This option guarantees 100% success. Although it will take a lot of money to implement it.
  • Purchase of aerosols that kill insects. Of course, it will be cheaper, but you will have to find places where red ants accumulate.
  • Pencils from ants. Usually such means are not characterized by high efficiency. Insects scare away a chalk drawn strip, but its effect passes in a few days. And afterwards one can observe another influx of pests.
  • Traps. You can buy them in specialized stores.
  • Folk remedies. These options are practically cost-effective, with some of them quite effective. So, for example, you can take a flat plate and put a spoonful of jam on it in the center. Then you should fill it with sunflower oil. Muravyov attracts the smell of sweet, so they will try to get to the tasty. Most of them will drown in oil.
    how to get rid of red ants

Dry bait to fight

Red ants in an apartment is a problem, withwhich many people face. Some are deterred by their appearance, others are afraid of bites. Either way, these insects are very harmful. After all, along with bites, they carry a variety of diseases, which are sometimes fatal.

If there is no money to buy expensive insecticides,you can do it yourself. It is best to prepare the dry mixtures that the ants will drag into their nests. Thus, most of the insects will be affected. To make yourself such a poison, you will need to buy boric acid and sugar. Mix them in equal amounts. After that, spread the mixture around the corners of the apartment. Red ants die after contact with boric acid. This should take 2-3 days. The procedure can be repeated until the pests completely disappear.

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