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The company "Stropuva" was established in 2000one famous entrepreneur, Edmunds Strupaites. The research centers of this company are located in Lithuania. First of all, the company's management engaged in the development of technology of economical combustion. Soon there were already the first operating time, which could be used in heating appliances.

boiler of long burning stropuva price

Most people rated boilers for a long timeburning Stropuva, ​​which operate on solid fuel. If you look at gas appliances, then they are more dangerous and difficult to use. In turn, diesel and electrical devices are not entirely economical. There are also problems with the voltage in the network. In this case, consumers, of course, prefer the boilers for solid fuels. A lot of materials can be used for their functioning. Most often, coal or wood is used. In some cases, preference is given to coke and peat bogs.

What does a solid fuel boiler consist of?

At the top of the solid fuel boilers heatinghave an air damper that regulates the pressure inside the device. Next to it is a bi-thermal thrust regulator. It, in turn, is connected to the support rod. Inside the cylinder there is a large air heating chamber. On the body of the boiler there is also a hole, designed specifically for the removal of gases. In the lower part of the air heating chamber, a switching flap is provided. Then comes the air supply pipe.

boilers of long burning stropuva reviews

On the front of the boiler is a door forfirewood. Behind it is the air distributor. In the same place there is directly fuel. In the lower part of the boiler there is a special door for removing ash. A cable with a ring is designed to lift the air distributor. Under it is a hook and a coolant pipe. On the left, the heating boilers have a coupling for the thermometer. Also, manufacturers provide a mechanism for the valve, which is responsible for the pressure. Near the base of the boiler is installed a lever for switching the flap. It is located near the air supply pipe. With its help, you can easily choose between loading coal, as well as firewood.

Boiler output

When choosing a quality boiler, you always needpay attention to its power. From this indicator will depend on the size of the room, which can be heated. To each person could choose their own version, the company "Stropuva" produces boilers of three different classes. All of them have different power and can be used in different conditions. Some are suitable for small houses and barns.

boilers stropuva price

Other boilers (solid fuel) Stropuva, ​​in itsturn, designed for large stores and warehouses. The units of the first class have a power of 10 kW, while they are able to heat up to 100 square meters. m. The second type of 20 kW can already cope with the room up to 200 sq. m. m. The third-class Stropuva solid fuel boilers have the highest power - 40 kW. This is enough to cover the area of ​​up to 400 square meters. m.

Pros of solid fuel boilers "Stropuva"

First of all boilers of long burningStropuva is an economy. At the same time, the fuel burns very slowly. If you use wood and put it in the right way, then this is enough for as long as 30 hours. If you use fuel briquettes, you can maintain the temperature in the room for two days. In turn, the coal bookmark is considered the most effective. She can heat the house for five days.

heating boilers

Also consider the large coefficientuseful in doing so. This indicator in some cases reaches 90%, so that the boilers "Stropuva" are very productive. In addition, mention should be made of the ease of operation of these devices. For their successful work, it is not necessary to invite specialists. It is enough to extract the ash from the boiler from time to time. Producers advise doing this at least twice a week. In 2005, for its achievements in the field of heating systems, Stropuva received an EU quality certificate.

Design of boilers "Stropuva"

An important advantage of all boilers "Stropuva"is their very nice appearance. The design of these devices is very simple. In fact, this is an ordinary cylinder without any unnecessary details. Additionally, manufacturers use non-boring neutral colors that do not irritate. The absence of many elements on the boiler makes it simple and at the same time safe for use. Also it should be noted its compactness. All this allows you to experiment with the installation site. In some cases, the boiler can be mounted directly in the center of the room. However, it can also occupy a small space in the corner of the room. On the boiler of long burning Stropuva the price is 50,000 rubles.

stropuva solid fuel boiler of long burning

Solid fuel boiler "Stropuva S10U"

The first representative of the family "Stropuva". The boiler reviews are good for their versatility. People like that it works both from firewood and from coal. In this case, you can use various wood waste and sawdust briquettes. This device is suitable for any room where there is a heating system. It should include radiators or boilers. Also at home with the coils. Best of all, when you have everything. In this case, the efficiency will increase significantly. This class of boilers is used not only in closed forced heating systems.

Additionally, these devices can successfullyoperate in non-volatile systems. In some cases, even installation in rooms with gravity gravity heating is possible. Users note that the characteristic feature of this model is its economy. At the same time, the temperature can hold at a stable level for a long time. For Stropuva boilers the price is small, is 55,000 rubles.

Specifications "Strepuva S10U"

The power of this model is 10 kW. At the same time, the area it is able to heat from 50 to 100 square meters. m. Contains fuel 200 cu. dm, and coal can be laid as much as 75 kg. However, firewood will fit only 25 kg. In this case, their length should not exceed 30 cm. The water directly in the cylinder of the boiler is collected not more than 34 liters. Firewood on average burn for 31 hours. This is not a very high figure, but the situation with other materials is different. If you make a bookmark of coal, then this is enough for more than three days. The efficiency of this model is at the level of 91%.

solid fuel boilers stropuva

The water pressure in the boiler is 2 bars. At the same time, the valve keeps it at 1.5 bar. The flow of heated water is 0.2 cu. m per hour. At the same time, the maximum performance sometimes reaches 0.25 cu. m per hour. The water temperature in the boiler is 85 degrees. The dimensions of the loading aperture are 250 by 210 mm. The height of this model is 1550 mm. In this case, the diameter of the chimney is only 160 mm. The minimum section of the chimney is 200 cm. The height of the boiler in assembled form is 1920 mm. At the same time, its depth is 450 mm. The total weight of the device is 450 mm.

Solid fuel boiler "Stropuva S20U"

Consider the following device brand Stropuva. Kotel (reviews of many consumers confirm this) more powerful than the previous model. The hosts appreciated that now it is possible to heat larger rooms. Of the characteristics can be distinguished good fuel combustion. Most often the device functions on coal. At the same time, the efficiency index is at a high level. Despite this, this model is still universal and will suit absolutely everything. On this boiler the solid fuel Stropuva price is 65,000 rubles.

Specifications "Stroplow S20U"

Stropuva - solid fuel boilerburning brand S20U - has a total weight of 246 kg. Its diameter is 560 mm, and its height is as much as 1220 mm. For installation, there is an opening on a chimney with a diameter of 250 cm. The chimney dimension, in turn, is 160 mm. It should also take into account the considerable height of the boiler, which, taking into account the output pipe, is 1695 mm. The loading opening also has an impressive volume (260 to 220 mm). The water temperature in the boiler reaches 85 degrees. The maximum liquid flow is 0.5 cu. m per hour. At the same time, the average values ​​lie within 0.4 cu. m per hour. You should also consider an impressive valve that can withstand 1.5 bar pressure. At this time, the water pressure in the chamber is 2 bars.

boilers of long burning stropuva

The efficiency of this modelis 91%. If you load coal into the boiler, then it will last about 5 days. The full chamber of firewood, in turn, is able to maintain the temperature for 31 hours. In general, the boiler is able to contain more than 45 liters of water. It should also be taken into account that the camera will not allow loading firewood longer than 35 cm. In this case, it is possible to put approximately 50 kg of firewood. The coal can be loaded up to 130 kg. The total size of the camera is 350 cu. dm. All this allows to heat a room with a total area of ​​up to 250 square meters. m. At the same time, the capacity of this boiler, as can be seen from the model name, is 20 kW.

Solid fuel boiler "Stropuva S40U"

According to consumers, the most powerful brainchildcompany "Stropuva". The boiler reviews are good for their reliability. The customers also like that at high power, the device demonstrates good performance. Installation of the boiler is quite simple and does not require the involvement of specialists. It is safe, and its use is very convenient. The cost of this model is 55000 rubles.

Specifications "Stropuva S40U"

This device from Stropuva(solid-fuel long-burning boiler) has a total power of 40 kW. In this case, the heated area is between 200 and 500 square meters. m. Also consider the large capacity of the camera. In general, it has a capacity of 500 cubic meters. dm. If you use coal, then the boiler will fit more than 200 kg. Firewood, in turn, can be loaded with 80 kg. The loading chamber allows you to place firewood no more than 45 cm long. The water in the boiler is 58 liters. Given all the above parameters, a single firewood tab allows you to heat the room for 31 hours. If you use coal, then the maximum is enough for 5 days. The efficiency of this model is 91%.

stropewa cauldron reviews

Additionally, a reliable valve is installed, whichwithstands 1.5 bar pressure. The water pressure in the boiler is maintained at 2 bar. The maximum flow is 1 cu. m per hour. Average values ​​lie within 0.8 cubic meters. m per hour. The optimum water temperature in the boiler is 85 degrees. The loading opening for the fuel is quite large (280 to 240 mm), so it is very comfortable to use. The supply and return pipe has a size of 32 mm. In this case, the draft of the chimney is 10 mm. The height of the boiler in assembled form is 1675 mm, and the diameter of the cylinder is 180 mm. The hole for the installation of the chimney is provided by the manufacturers in the size of 330 cm. The height of the boiler is 2120 mm, the diameter is 680 mm. The total weight of this model is 333 kg.

Solid fuel boiler "Stropuva S7"

Another device from Stropuva. Kotel reviews deserved excellent. To date, ordinary consumers and experts consider it to be the most economical of all the above models. Its power is 7 kW. At the same time it is able to function only on wood. However, this boiler has a number of advantages that distinguish it. In addition to the low price, it has a good coefficient of efficiency. With such low power this boiler is able to heat a room of 80 square meters. m. Also it has very modest dimensions. The width of this model is 450 mm, height - 1250 mm, and the depth - only 450 mm. Weight of the device is 100 kg. Thanks to this, these boilers of long burning Stropuva reviews earned themselves good and became worthy competitors in the market of solid fuel heating systems. The cost of this model is 43000 rubles.

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