House of aerated concrete: the pros and cons of construction

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Very many would like to build a house with their ownhands, and sometimes the dream remains a dream because of the lack of opportunity to realize it. These can be material difficulties, psychological bans, and there are people who simply do not have information on how to do it. But at the given time there are many options for how to build a house with your own hands at the best possible cost. And this construction will not only save money, it will be a creative process.

house of aerated concrete pluses and minuses
The house will be much warmer and more beautiful simply because ofThe fact that the soul of the host participates in the process of construction. Everything will be done qualitatively, as we will have to live in it to him and his family. It will only remain to make certain efforts in choosing the building materials in accordance with the price and quality. Only the owner can combine his desires with the opportunity to get a quality result. Therefore, it is precisely such people who are invited to study this material. The real possibility of dream realization is a one-storey house made of aerated concrete. Pros and cons of such construction will be considered below.

It is necessary in the beginning to determine what aerocrete blocks are made of. They are made of environmentally friendly materials (cement, filler, aluminum powder, lime, water).

house of aerated concrete price
House of aerated concrete: the pros and cons of choosing building materials

"Of what to build a house? "This is the main issue that arises after making a decision to create our own housing.In the modern market, we offer brick, foam blocks, gas blocks, slabs, wood.The advantage of aerated concrete blocks in comparison with the first material:

  • gas blocks - environmentally friendly product;
  • a wall made of such material is 5 times lighter than brick, accordingly, the foundation is made easier, you can use tape;
  • the price of one block is higher, but in general for cubic capacity, in comparison with brick, construction will be cheaper.

The disadvantage is: the aerated concrete is not waterproof, but if you properly equip the drainage system, window plums and necessarily good drainage under the foundation, the pluses compensate for this disadvantage.

one-storey house made of aerated concrete
House of aerated concrete: the pros and cons of the design of the heating system and energy saving

The advantage is this.Aerated concrete is considered a thermal insulation material, it has a high thermal capacity. If you put your hand to it, then, in comparison with the brick, the heat is felt. He holds it longer, respectively, to heat the house will require less energy costs than for brick or stone.

On the cons can hardly say something, because for all the thermal insulation parameters such a structure is very profitable.

House of aerated concrete: the pros and cons in design construction

  • Here, too, can be noted positive solutions. It is not necessary to cover it with other material. This house looks very aesthetic in terms of modern construction.
  • Aerated concrete, moreover, does not crumble, it is durable, it can be sawn, stripped, drilled to give any shape that is suitable for any design decisions.

Based on the above advantages and disadvantagesaerated concrete in the construction of a house, the approach to the price value is changing. If the blocks themselves are more expensive than bricks, then the savings are in the cost of laying the foundation, the time for construction is reduced, and the heat in such a home is much better than in those created from other materials. The house made of aerated concrete has a very tangible advantage: the price of construction and maintenance is lower than that of a similar building built of brick.

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