Moscow construction companies: activity and stability in the market.

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Construction of new facilities, reconstruction andrestoration of old buildings, premises, repair work - this is all the prerogative of construction companies. Moscow and Moscow region is one of the most built-up regions of Russia, and therefore has a lot of construction organizations, among which there are both old and new. Each of them has its advantages, as well as the right to exist.

Development of the Moscow construction market

The capital of the Russian Federation has always beendemanded region for various innovations and introduction of new technologies. This applies to all industries in the service sector, industry, medicine and much more. Moscow's construction companies were no exception.

Moscow Construction Companies

Active development of the city began in 1997, when the volume of objects was 3.1-3.2 million m2. Over time, it was possible to observe an increase in the number of objects commissioned. In 2002, this volume reached 4.5 million m2, which in the percentage ratio was 40.6%).This is explained by the fact that the capital is in need of erection of new buildings, and has enough space for this. This need is due to a significant increase in the number of residents of the city, visitors and tourists.
However, since 2003-2005, construction companiesMoscow and Moscow Region (Moscow region) were in an unpleasant situation, as there was a problem of the lack of land for construction with the necessary infrastructure conditions, as well as with the services of connecting new facilities to the power grid. This somewhat slowed down the construction process and intensified competition in the building services market.

Successfully overcoming the problems, many developers have resumed their activities in the capital, and by 2006 the volume of the commissioned dwelling was 4.8 million m2.

rating of construction companies in Moscow

Present construction companies

The first skyscrapers of Russia were built in Moscowand marked the beginning of an innovative period in the construction of the country. The quality level of new facilities has become an order of magnitude higher, however, together with this, the price of housing has also risen. This was due to the redistribution of places for the buildings being built, and now the price for buildings depends on their remoteness from the city center.

Moscow expands its territory and opensnew areas for building. This provides the construction companies of Moscow with new work volumes. 2014 was a record year for the number of commissioned residential properties - this figure was 80 million m2.

However, such a high indicator is somewhat negativeaffected the developers themselves, because in parallel with the increase in the number of residential areas, the purchasing power of the population decreased because of the economic situation in the country. This means that the developers were not able to quickly sell off the area and pay off with loans for construction.

In addition, in 2016 and early 2017 was marked by a number of changes in the legislation of Russia, which led to the bankruptcy of many small construction companies in Moscow.

Rating of Moscow construction companies occupying leading positions

Considering the volume of works performed in recent years in the market for real estate development in Moscow and Moscow, the following trend of significance among construction companies is clearly indicated:

  • OAO DSK-1;
  • ZAO SU-155;
  • ZAO "Mosstroymehanizatsiya-5" (MCM-5);
  • CJSC Inteko;
  • Glavmosstroy - Real Estate;
  • ZAO Mosfundamentstroy-6;
  • Don-Story;
  • Stroymontage ";
  • "Capital Group".

At the same time, the first three companies are followers of Glavmosstroy and have reliable state support.

moscow construction company moscow

The middle and the lowest link in the construction industry

In addition to large companies, in the city for the last 10many small contractors appeared. They are ready for competition and have a modernized approach to accomplishing their tasks, as well as skilled workers. Below is a rating of Moscow construction companies of middle and lower level.

  • Eurostroy;
  • BelStroyTrans;
  • LesDomMaster;
  • Inzhtekhenergostroy;
  • Mosinzhstroy;
  • Baltic Construction Company;
  • Domstroy;
  • StroyGrad;
  • ZAO PSO Moszarubezhstroy;
  • Technologies of housing construction;
  • Don Story;
  • ZAO "Construction";
  • LLC "Inter Story".

This is a partial list of those firms that are engaged in construction and repair work in the city.

It should be understood that the construction companies of the capitaldiffer in the type of housing conditions produced (class "economy", middle class, business and premium class), as well as the specifics of the work performed. Some are considered universal companies that perform construction, repair and finishing works, and some specialize only in narrow branches of the construction sector. Therefore, when choosing a company, one must take this fact into account.

Reviews construction companies in Moscow

Selection of the necessary firm-executor

Each firm has its own official website, whereyou can find contacts, detailed information about it and learn its rating. In many respects the choice of the performer is influenced by the reviews. Moscow construction companies compete fairly rigidly, so it is very important to pay attention to the availability of such reviews:

  • Terms are extended for two weeks, however, developers do not have time to hand over the object.
  • The estimate, stipulated in the drafting of the treaty, was submitted several times for revision and re-agreement. At the same time, the prices indicated in it have increased unnecessarily.
  • The developer accepts breach of contract.

Such feedback construction companies in Moscow canearn justifiable, but can get in the form of a "fly in the ointment" from a competitive company. However, even under such conditions of choice, the most demanding customer, investor or partner, can determine for himself which among the Moscow construction organizations he is most suitable for.

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