How to lay a laminate with your own hands. Getting to know the technology

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The first stage of laminate laying iscalculation of its quantity for a particular room. One pack is designed for 2 square meters and contains 10 boards. Thus, for example, for 16 square meters, it will be sufficient to purchase 8 packs of laminate, but it is necessary to take it with a reserve, since it is possible to over-spend in the process of independent work.

How to lay a laminate with your own hands

How to lay a laminate with your own hands? This should be done on a foundation that is carefully leveled. Of course, it is not necessary to make a screed from a special mixture, it is enough to check the floor by the building level for the presence of differences. Laminate can be laid on both the wooden floor and the linoleum. The main condition is a flat surface. In the case of large drops or hills, it is still preferable to make a screed. This will prevent the laminate from deforming during operation. Separately, a few words to say about the floor. This complex laying was popular for a long time, so its presence in some houses can be accompanied by bulging or, conversely, the drowning of individual boards with respect to the floor level. Then how to put the laminate on the floor? The grinder will come to the rescue, which will remove not only the old layers of paint or varnish, but also will compare the surface.

How to put the laminate yourself

For work you will need: substrate - a roll of polyethylene foamed by a special technology, a jigsaw or saw, a tape measure, a 20 cm wood strap to match the boards with each other, a pencil and a hammer. For easier cutting, it is better to use an electric jigsaw.

How to lay a laminate with your own hands? It turns out that it is not as simple as we would like, because the installation itself is similar to the assembly of a designer. The boards are fastened to each other on four sides. The principle of fastening is called the groove-groove. This is when the crest of one of the boards is inserted into a special groove to the other, and then the boards are tightly fitted with a hammer to each other.

The technology of laying the laminate is not sois complex. You can start from any corner of the room. Laying is perpendicular to the window. This is necessary in order to hide the joints between the laminate boards. Find out how to lay laminate flooring with your own hands, you can at any forum about construction. First you need to stretch the substrate along the wall. Do this gradually - by strips so that it does not interfere. Further on, the boards are laid out in one line near the wall and fastened with the end part. For tight fit, it is recommended that they be fitted with a hammer using a bar that overlaps the ridge. It produces weak, accurate strokes, thanks to which the boards are closely adjacent to each other. The last element of the row is cut to the desired length. The first row is ready! A wedge is placed between the strip and the wall by 1 cm.

How to put a laminate on a parquet
This principle is important to observe, sincelaminate is not easy. The second strip starts with half the board, then the laying continues as before. When it is mounted, it should be connected to the previous one. To do this, the whole row of crests, raised by 20 °, inserted into the grooves and falls down, further adjusted with a bar and hammer. The chess layout of the laminate boards looks original and does not allow them to "walk".

The third row should begin with a whole board and soAlternate until the last line is laid. Now you are familiar with the technology, how to lay laminate with your own hands. The most important thing here is the tight fit of the boards to each other. Clear adherence to all the advice and recommendations will save in the future from problems with operation.

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