Army Beds: Features and Specifications

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Army beds are necessary in order tothe soldier during his service had the right to a comfortable rest and complete relaxation. Therefore, despite its harsh appearance, this furniture is quite comfortable. After all, special demands are made on it.

army beds

Many soldiers today are young people,who are not accustomed to take too much care of things, especially government ones. Therefore, any army bed can withstand extensive exploitation for many years. Naturally, wooden products are not suitable for this, composite materials of such a load also can not stand. Therefore, these beds are made of metal, which retains its strength for more than a decade. They are almost impossible to damage or completely break.

Where are they used?

Such furniture is used not only in the ranksArmed forces. Recently, metal bunk beds are used in student, working dormitories. Especially if it concerns the provision of housing for people coming to the watch for oil production, construction.

In addition, it is very common to usearmy beds in everyday life. They can be taken for the arrangement of stationary campgrounds. After all, they are exploited even in the most unfavorable conditions. Sorted and collected these army beds is quite simple, but in storage and transportation they are compact.

Main characteristics

metal bunk beds

Any bed army two-level or single-tier must meet certain standards and characteristics:

  1. It is as simple as possible, it does not contain any additional elements. It's too much.
  2. It's strong.To produce such furniture, a special metal wire is taken, which meets all quality standards. Therefore, army beds are able to withstand not only a constant load, but also strikes of varying strength.
  3. They are quite compact. T. the barracks and rooms of the hostel there are not so many places, it has to be saved to accommodate the maximum number of people. Bunk beds can not cope better with this task.
  4. Army furniture is environmentally friendly.On top, the metal structure is treated with a special paint that protects against corrosion. Accordingly, beds can be taken care of with any detergent.
  5. Comfort is one of the features of such furniture.This is a resting place. A soldier should relax as much as possible after a hard day. And the army bed copes with this function. On it, a serviceman gets a full rest.
  6. These beds are light, despite the fact that they are made of metal. This parameter is important for transportation, as well as for the need for redevelopment of the premises.
  7. Sustainability is another important requirement for army beds. Especially for this they are equipped with connecting plates.


bunk bed

According to GOST, which has the number 2056-77,Army beds can be assembled not only as two-tiered, but also as single-tier models. This is quite convenient, because you can choose exactly the option that is necessary in this or that case. And during operation it is always possible to change the existing configuration. Such beds can be located not only in permanent or temporary premises, but also in railway cars.

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