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Saying "container sites", most often mean two groups of objects:

  • platforms specifically designed for transshipment and storage of transport containers;
  • Areas where containers for collecting household waste are placed.

In this article we will talk about the latter. Container area for garbage is necessary in any settlement. Therefore, they are quite demanded products. Officially, such facilities are called "container sites for collection of solid waste".

Container for garbage


Deciding on the placement on its territorythe necessary number of such facilities as container sites, utilities are currently able to choose their design. This is due to the fact that manufacturers offer various technical solutions to the latter. The customer can make a choice based on a number of criteria, such as:

  • type (open and closed);
  • size (to accommodate two or more containers for collection of solid waste);
  • the possibility of placing an additional storage bunker;
  • the design of installed containers;
  • materials from which container platforms are made;
  • appearance of sites.

Installation technology and basic characteristics

The construction of container sites of various types,in principle, not too different. They all have standard sizes and configurations. As a rule, any of them can be installed both on the ground and on a specially prepared (asphalted or concreted) territory. Most often, the design is fixed by welding its frame to the anchored in the ground (asphalt).

construction of container sites

Basically container platforms are arrangedas follows: frame from a profile pipe section of 40x20 or 50x25 mm, on which the sheets of corrugated galvanized steel are added, supplemented in separate designs with a metal mesh that has 50x50 cells. Another frequently used material is polycarbonate.

Container platforms equipped with doors,manufacturers are equipped with various decor elements and rubber aprons on the bottom of the latter. The presence of the doors distinguishes the platforms of this type. They look more aesthetically pleasing, they fit well into the courtyard interior. Their contents are not scattered by the wind, animals, birds and rodents. Such structures are safe in the fire relation.

At the request of the customer, manufacturers can produce the above-mentioned design of non-standard sizes and configurations.

Containers for collectiongarbage are made of different materials and, depending on the type of special equipment used for the export of solid waste, can be equipped with rollers (withdrawable containers) or not have such.

container platforms

Recently, the spread ofreceive containers buried - they have an increased capacity, compared to conventional ones, and require much less space for their installation. The construction of the latter ensures the safety of the garbage in the solid waste container, so that garbage is not spread through the yard.

Another innovation that is beingNow the container platforms, was the installation of canopies over the site. They protect the containers from moisture, and also perform the functions of an aesthetic order, closing the view of the last from the upper floors of residential buildings located nearby.

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