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Even at preschool age every child dreamsabout his personal corner or house. But what to do if the dimensions of the apartment do not allow you to equip the nursery with all the necessary furniture - a comfortable desk, a spacious wardrobe, a spacious bed and a corner for doing what you love? With the growth of the child, the problem of the footage of the children's room becomes even more acute, because a teenager must meet with friends somewhere, simply for a while to retire from the world and engage in personal affairs. Today, loft beds for teenagers will help to find a way out of this situation.

At first it was a model exclusively forkids, but in time, teenagers began to look at her. After all, it turned out that only by transferring the bed to the upper level, you can free at least three or four square meters of usable area. A separate personal sleeping place, the opportunity to invite friends to your own living room or work at a computer - this is the childhood dream come true! And the options for using a vacant space under the bed can be an infinite number. Although most often there are only two models of such beds: a loft bed for a teenager with a working area and with a built-in wardrobe.

1. A teenage bed with a working area downstairs.

loft beds for teens
This kind of accommodation suits a teenager in everything. Bed-loft (adolescent) allows you to conveniently and compactly place a zone for classes. In a niche, a working or computer desk, bookshelves, a curbstone and many other necessary things are freely placed. The only problem is the degree of illumination of space. But if you equip this niche with a stylish, functional wall or desk lamp with adjustable light direction, then the problem with success will be solved.

2. A bed for a teenager with a built-in wardrobe.

loft bed for a teenager
Such loft beds for teenagers are enthralledwill lead the girls, as they will now have their own place, where you can conveniently place your outfits and arrange shoes. And the closet itself can be both the main place for storing things, and additional. This version of the bed, combined with the closet, will suit the boys. For example, in similar cases they can store sports things, not mixing them with the basic clothes.

Loft beds for teens allow the room to always look neat, because even if the child does not perfect the bed, the high bed is not so conspicuous.

bed loft teenage
Quite often in a niche under a heightbed set a sofa and TV. Other options may be the arrangement of a library or a small workshop where a teenager can do his hobby. Beds-attics for teens allow you to place under them racks for collections or even equip a small gym. In general, the niche can be arranged in accordance with the interests and lifestyle of the adolescent.

Furniture in the room of the grown up child must benot only functional, but also stylish, bright, original and non-standard. And still - strong, reliable, convenient and safe. Fortunately, today there is a choice from which to choose.

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