How to Plant Roses in a Home Garden

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Roses for the garden - a real decoration, pleasingLook from spring to late autumn. Choosing plants for the site, no one ignores the queen of flowers. You should learn how to plant roses correctly, otherwise all labor will be wasted.

Roses for the garden
How to start an acquaintance? It is necessary to determine the varieties of flowers, as growing roses without knowing the features of the plant is difficult. In homestead gardening are used tea-hybrid, climbing, miniature roses, roses Patio, shrub roses.

The best time for planting is autumn and spring. Positive aspects of autumn planting are good seedlings. But it is possible to freeze unfed plants. In the spring frosts are not terrible, there is time for good rooting. But the planting material in the spring is not as fresh and viable.

How to plant roses of different kinds? The main difference in planting is the distance between plants. Between bushes of tea-hybrid roses, the distance should not be less than 0.5-0.7 m, and miniature roses feel well in groups with a distance of 0.3 m between plants. High climbing roses need at least 2 m of living space, and bushy require a distance of one and a half meters. Less demanding are low roses of the Patio, between their bushes is enough 0.45 m of free space.

How to grow a rose
How to plant roses on a plot in relation to light? If you make a mistake, you can not get flowering bushes. Roses are very fond of sunlight, they feel good even in the sun. In the shade, they grow, give juicy greens, but almost do not bloom. They do not like roses and cold winds. These parameters should be taken into account when planning a landing site.

Regally beautiful bushes can grow on oneplace many years. For this, it is necessary to provide them with a complex of nutrients. The main portion of the necessary nutrition plants receive at the time of planting. Before planting roses in the holes, it is necessary to revive the roots of the seedlings, cutting them with a pruner by 1 cm. The cutting is particularly important when planting in spring, when plants harvested in autumn are used as a planting stock.

How to plant roses
Planting holes require particularly carefultraining. They need to be made large enough so that the roots do not crumple, and deep enough to cover the place of inoculation by 5 cm. As a nutrient mixture is used a light soil mixed with a matted mullein.

Soils are loamy and chernozems are well suited forthe proper development and growth of roses. The sandy soil requires a radical improvement and the addition of peat and humus. Roses on sandy ground are often freezed, and in summer it overheats and easily loses moisture. The ground under the roses must be mulched with peat.

Care for a planted rose in the first year determinesfurther development of the bush. Immediately after planting, the plants are watered abundantly, but you can not allow water to stagnate - the roots will die. During the growing season, nursing consists in the timely removal of weeds, soil loosening and fertilizing. Approximately in the second decade of June, the plants need to feed the slurry, then repeat the procedure. The schedule of fertilizing is built in such a way that it includes 3-4 top dressings, the latter - not later than the last decade of August.

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