Boiler for home: how to make the right choice?

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In many cases, the boiler is the onlyway of heating a private house. The choice of this important device for some causes difficulties, as the market presents a variety of models that differ not only in price, but also in the type of fuel, power and operation principle.

Before choosing a boiler,you need to decide whether you want to receive only the heating of the room, or else hot water. In the second case, you need to stop the selection on the double-circuit boiler, thanks to which you can warm the house and have constantly hot water. Please note that Cooper boilers are represented by different models working on different types of fuel.

Classification of boilers by type of fuel

In most cases, the type of fuel is one of the deciding factors of choice. Depending on the fuel used, the boilers are divided into:

  • gas;
  • electric;
  • solid fuel;
  • diesel.

Solid fuel boilers are called heatingdevices that work on solid fuels, namely, wood, coal, coke and so on. The source of energy for diesel boilers is solar oil. Gas boilers run on natural gas, and electric - on electricity.

Which boiler to choose?

In houses connected to the gas main,use gas boilers. They have high power, and therefore without problems heat large areas. Their main disadvantage is obtaining permits in different instances, as well as the equipment of the room in which the boiler is located.

Electric boilers for basic heatingare used only in small rooms. Most often they are an additional or backup type of heating. This is due to the fact that the energy consumption of such boilers is quite high, but the efficiency is low. The main advantage of such devices is their compact size. In addition, the device does not need constant supervision.

Solid fuel boilers enjoy considerablepopularity, thanks to its high power. As fuel for them, wood, coal, fuel briquettes, coke and so on are used. They easily heat large rooms, but require constant attention to themselves. After certain time intervals it is necessary to make fuel loading. Unquestionable advantage is full autonomy.

Diesel boilers, working on solar oil, according topower comparable to gas. But in service they are more expensive, but still diesel will be cheaper than electricity. In addition, such types of boilers are also autonomous.

Choosing a boiler, consider the area of ​​the room and the necessary power, the possibility of installation and other important nuances.

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