Finishing of balconies and loggias by oneself: features of insulation and repair

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finishing balconies and loggias with your own hands

Finishing balconies and loggias with their own handsvery often. The fact is that there is a lot of information about carrying out the work, and the technology of the process is painted in the smallest detail. However, before proceeding to work, it is necessary to decide what material will be used for finishing and repair. And it is also necessary to insulate the balcony or loggia, so that the heat loss is significantly reduced. This will be the first stage of repair.

Finishing and warming of loggias and balconiesis produced with the help of such materials as mineral or basalt wool, expanded clay and expanded polystyrene. Each of them has its own merits. Claydite is most often used for warming the floor. It simply falls asleep on the rough prepared surface, leveled and poured with a concrete screed, which is further laid linoleum or tile. Walls can be insulated with cotton or polystyrene foam. To fix the first option, you must build a wooden crate. Polyfoam can be nailed or glued. Naturally, it is necessary to repair all the cracks and holes. To do this, mounting foam and mortar are used. On top of the wall heater you should glue the vapor barrier layer.

finishing and warming of loggias and balconies
In addition to insulation, it is necessary to use new windows that will provide good protection from drafts. This work is better to provide specialists, especially if you live on the top floor.

Finishing of balconies and loggias with your own hands with externalThe sides can be made using siding, plaster or sandwich panels. Naturally, you can overlay the structure with a stone, but here you must take into account the maximum allowed weight of the material. The best option is a sandwich panel, which is easy to assemble. However, everything depends on your taste and possibilities.

Finishing balconies and loggias with your own hands insidecan be produced with the help of plaster, tiles, wooden lining or plasterboard, which simply shpaklyuetsya and painted. The last material is the easiest to process, especially since in this case you can make point lighting and other decor elements. It is also easy to trim the structure with plastic lining, but for its fastening it is necessary to make a lath.

repair of balconies and loggias

Wooden decoration of balconies and loggiashands is very popular to date. The matter is that this material is considered clean in the ecological plan, beautiful, has excellent properties of heat preservation in the room. In addition, the tree can be varnished and painted. However, it will need to be protected from dampness.

Full renovation and finishing of balconies and loggias consists of the following stages:

- cleaning of the structure from debris, dust and old unnecessary things, floor and wall coverings;

- roughing of surfaces;

- laying of the warm floor and its insulation;

- pouring cement screed;

- Warming of walls and installation of double-glazed windows;

- another garbage collection;

- final finishing of walls and floor;

- decoration of the renovated premises.

In principle, these are the main features of theany restoration work on the balcony. It is only necessary to pay attention to the weight and quality of materials, in advance to think about the location of lamps and elements of the warm floor. If necessary, decide on the location of furniture, sockets. It is better to make a repair scheme on paper first. Good luck!

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