How to choose a laminate for different types of rooms

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Types of floor coverings

Currently, there are many outdoorcoatings for every taste and purse: from a simple wooden board to a natural stone and a complex mosaic. But the most popular are the laminate flooring, parquet board and linoleum. The latter type of material is considered to be an economy class option. Therefore, if you want your floor to look more presentable, it's best to lay a laminate or parquet.

Material selection

So, what is better: laminate or parquet board? The choice is not easy and depends, rather, on the wishes of the owner of the house. Parquet - a natural coating, durable and reliable, it is easy to repair: just simply polish the problem area and re-apply the varnish. There are also disadvantages: a higher price, the need to periodically cycle and impregnate boards, low moisture resistance. Laminate is an artificial coating that is a compacted panel made of several layers: chipboard or fiberboard impregnated with special resins paper, photo paper and laminated film consisting of melamine or acrylic. Pros: the creators of this material tried to remove all the shortcomings available to the parquet, while repeating its appearance. Laminate is cheaper, easier to lay, not damaged by household chemicals, does not burn out in the sun, and some of its species have a high moisture resistance. So if you are a fan of classics and can afford expensive flooring - buy a parquet board. And if you value your time, get a laminate. It will be very advantageous to look in any room, and it is easier to look after it.

How to choose a laminate

How to choose a laminate for home and office

All types of this flooring are divided into twogroups: for residential premises and for commercial use. For the house 21, 22 and 23 laminate classes are recommended, for public places - 31, 32 and 33. The number shows the ability of the material to resist the effects of mechanical stresses: the higher the number, the greater the durability. Thus experts advise whenever possible to get a laminate of a higher class even for the house. The cost of it will be higher by 3-4 dollars per square meter, but it will last much longer - up to 20 years

Laminate or parquet board

How to choose a laminate for the kitchen

Coverage in the kitchen should be as strong as possibleand persistent. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase laminate 32 or 33 class, water resistant or moisture resistant. It is worth remembering that these two species are significantly different. Moisture-resistant laminate simply has an additional layer of protection on the surface of the board, but the joints remain a weak point. So if you do not remove the puddle from the floor for some time, it can swell. Waterproof laminate - a completely different coating, its board is more rigidly pressed. The basis is not chipboard, but plastic, which is not damaged by water. Therefore, this material can be used for rooms with high humidity.

Laminate parquet board

How to choose a laminate for the bathroom

If there are options for the kitchen, then in the case ofbath - no. Only a waterproof laminate, and still need to take precautions, so that moisture does not fall into the joints. For this, the boards must be laid with a "brick", so that the transverse seams do not coincide. After laying all joints must be smeared with a special sealant. And the last advice on how to choose a laminate: get a cover only from reliable suppliers, then it really will be quality and will last a very long time.

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