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Despite the huge variety of flowers, the rose onfor many years occupies a leading position. Without these flowers, almost no holiday passes. Rose is used to create wedding bouquets and as a gift for various solemn events.

A special beauty is the rose of Osiana, this is the subject of this article.

rose asian

History of appearance

This variety of roses appeared not so long ago. In 1989, the famous breeder Tantau brought out a unique variety called Osiana. The flower is in demand among the flower growers, as it has a long stem and a lush bud of the most delicate color.

In 1999, the flower participated in the internationalcompetition, which was held in the US, and received a well-deserved prize. Rose (variety of Osiana) impressed the judges with its splendor and beauty, but most of all they were captivated by its beautiful, incomparable aroma. It feels the tender notes of vanilla-peach souffle with a touch of tea with bergamot.

Variety description

Rose of Osiana is a tall, perennialplant. The height of the bush can reach 150-200 cm. The diameter of the blossoming flower is from 10 to 12 cm. The color of the bud can not be described, it combines shades of crimson, apricot and soft beige color, ivory tones are gently poured into this range. It seems that this masterpiece was sculpted by a master craftsman, painting the rose petals in unusually beautiful colors.

rose a sort of asian

Rose of Osiana - a magnificent flower that has to romantic meetings and will provide ladies with a lot of pleasant memories.

Variety Osiana - is one of the varietiestea-hybrid roses. This plant is suitable for growing in gardens, as well as in room conditions. In order for the flower to develop properly, it will require careful care of it.

Information for gardeners

As you can see in the photo, the rose of Osiana is charming, but to grow such a beautiful flower, it is necessary to exert maximum efforts.

rose asian

Here are the main conditions that are important to observe when growing and caring for a plant:

  • The temperature should be moderate, 23-24 degrees Celsius. High and low temperatures are detrimental to the flower.
  • The plant loves sunlight, so it's not advisable to plant it in the shade.
  • The rose is very fond of moisture, so you need to water it properly. The primer should not dry out.
  • It is desirable to feed the rose with mineral fertilizers, which you can buy in any flower shop.
  • Rose of Osiana is very tender, she is susceptible to various diseases. The flower must be protected from all kinds of pests and diseases.

With your care and love, you will grow a chic rose that will decorate your apartment or garden.

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