How to make a coffee table by yourself

Home cosiness

Almost every house has a coffee table. It embodies coziness and warmth. In the store you can buy a table for every taste and color. Do not cause complexity and the selection of a table to a specific interior of the apartment or house. However, such tables almost all look the same. Such an element of the interior to surprise someone is difficult, of course, if the table is not made by themselves. Moreover, making it is not difficult even for a person who has absolutely no skills to create anything with his own hands.

Extraordinary coffee table with your own hands

In order to make an extraordinary coffee table by one's own hands, you need to cut the tree. Such a table will look great, as in an apartment located in a metropolis, and in a country house. The only thing that should be paid special attention in the manufacture of such a table is an ideal smooth surface, over which one will have to work more than one hour with a grinder. Both legs and wheels are used as a support.

Lofty coffee table

To create a coffee table in the loft stylewill need wooden boxes. It is best to take new ones. However, if there is no opportunity to purchase new wooden boxes, you can use already used ones, after washing them out. A wide selection of such boxes the potential buyer will find in Ikea.

The boxes are covered with varnish or stain. A variety of materials are used as the basis. Most often it is a piece of plywood or OPS. To fix the boxes, you will need glue or screws. The finished table rests on the legs or on the wheels.

Modern coffee table

To make such a table, you will need:

  • Legs or wheels for support (number - 4 pieces);
  • blank;
  • edge;
  • corners;
  • glue.

Billets for the table are better notsaw, because to do it exactly is unlikely to succeed. In the workshop, the saws will be made better and faster. After that, the blanks must be glued with an edge. Then, to the base of the future table, the corners are screwed. The table top is attached on top of them. Parts of the table can be joined together in a different way, for example, using glue for this. In this case, it takes a lot of effort to fix the parts as reliably as possible. The corners will provide one-hundred percent fixation, unlike glue.

It will be interesting to look at the table, with your own handpainted with paint. Decoupage is also used as decoration. Let each of the family members write on the table their wishes to the guests at home. Thanks to this, it will become a real highlight.

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