How to determine the humidity in the apartment: the available methods

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From the state of the microclimate in the apartment dependswell-being and health of its owners. The humidity level is one of the main indicators characterizing the air parameters that people in the room breathe. Therefore, it should be periodically monitored. This indicator should remain at the level established by sanitary and hygienic standards.

Therefore, before the residents of the house there is a question, how to determine the humidity in the apartment. Various methods are used for this. Even without special instruments, everyone can measure the humidity level in the room. Existing methods will be discussed in detail later.

Why measure the humidity level?

Studying the question, how to determine the humidity in the apartment, it is necessary to consider first of all, what affects this indicator. This will make it possible to assess the importance of such a procedure.

The humidity in the room should not be higheror below the set range. Being in the room, a person can immediately not notice the discrepancy of the surrounding conditions with the requirements of sanitary and hygienic standards. But over time, such violations can affect the health of the owners.

How can I determine the humidity in the apartment

Because of the increased humidity, asthma develops andallergy. The low value of this indicator leads to malfeasures in the mucous membranes, a decrease in immunity, and aging of the skin. Children are especially sensitive to unfavorable conditions of their living environment. Therefore, parents are simply obliged to monitor the level of humidity in their apartment.

Permissible value

Studying the question, How can I determine the humidity in the apartment, the permissible values ​​of this indicator should be considered. It should be noted that the humidity is measured in percent. This is the fraction of the primary mass volume of moisture.

Experts argue that the optimal valuethe index for the room is 45%. In this case, it is allowed to deviate in both directions. Thus, the humidity in the apartment should not go out of the range from 30 to 60%.

How to determine the humidity in the apartment

There are norms that determine the air parametersdepending on the purpose of the room. In the living room or dining room, the range is 45-60%, and for the adult bedroom - 40-50%. In the children's room, the humidity should be higher. Normally, it is at the level of 45-60%.

But here for the library or cabinet is importantmaintain this figure at 30-40%. This will save documents, books from premature destruction. In the kitchen or bathroom, humidity can be from 40 to 60%.

Consequences of high humidity

Deepening into the subject, how to determine the humidity in the apartment, it is necessary to clearly understand the consequences of the deviation of this indicator both in one and in the other direction. Inconsistencies are a worrying sign.

How to determine the humidity in an apartment without a hygrometer

The first sign of high humidity in the apartmentis the condensation on the windows. In this case, all things, furniture in the room are affected by dampness. Then there is a specific musty smell, and in the corners, on the interior items begins to develop fungus. Mold is an unsafe neighbor for a person. It causes serious deviations in health, causes a number of ailments.

The consequences of high humidity may bean allergy or even asthma, a decrease in the functions of the immune system. Children sometimes develop diathesis. Headache, diseases of the cardiovascular system are also the result of an inappropriate microclimate. Bronchitis, otitis also develop under similar conditions. Cancer cells with increased humidity also develop faster.

Consequences of dry air

From the above, it follows that everyone should understand, how to know the humidity in the apartment. The low value of this indicator is also dangerous. Especially often this situation develops during the hot season.

How to determine the humidity in an apartment without appliances

First of all, all dust, wool and othersparticles start to rise freely and move with air masses. They do not settle on interior objects and freely fall into the human body.

Moisture from the skin begins to evaporate intensely. This causes rapid cooling of the body. Also, the mucous membranes of the body begin to dry up. Protection of organs from harmful microorganisms is reduced. There is fatigue, drowsiness.

Dry air particularly negatively affects children'sorganism. This microclimate in the room leads to disruption of the kidneys, and also contributes to the development of dysbacteriosis. Moreover, even an adult organism is exposed to such an effect.


The hygrometer is the most reliable device,allowing to measure the humidity in the room. Its error should not be more than 1%. On sale are multifunctional devices that show also the temperature in the room, pressure, etc.

How to know the humidity in the apartment

However, many owners are interested in the question, how to determine the humidity in an apartment without a hygrometer. After all, this device is not always at hand. Buy a hygrometer still stands with time. But to estimate the humidity of air in the room, you can use other methods. This will sooner take steps to eliminate serious deviations.

Measurement of humidity by a thermometer

One way to measure the humidity in the roomwithout a hygrometer is the use of a thermometer. This is a simple procedure. How to determine the humidity in the apartment using a thermometer, should be considered in more detail.

There is a certain order of actions. It will take a conventional mercury thermometer. With its help, you must first measure the temperature of the environment. It is better to write down the testimony, so as not to forget.

How to determine the humidity in the apartment with a thermometer

Next, the tip of the thermometer should be wrapped wetgauze or cotton wool. After 10 minutes, the instrument reading should also be recorded. The second value is subtracted from the first indicator. Further on the psychometric table of Assman it is necessary to find the level of humidity in the room.

Glass of water

Another simple method is a technique with a glass of water. This approach is not very accurate, but to identify significant deviations in the microclimate of the room it will help. How to determine the humidity in the apartment with a glass of water, is considered further.

In the house there will always be the necessary items forresearch. Glass beaker should be filled with cold water. The contents should have a temperature of 3-5 ° C. The glass needs to be placed in the room. Nearby there should be no heating devices.

How to determine the humidity in the apartment with a glass of water

If the walls of the glass are misty, but after 10 minutes. dried in the room, the humidity level is very low. If, after this period of time, the drops of the misted glass drain from its surface, the indicator is very high. If the humidity is within the allowable limit, the condensate is not collected by droplets and does not drain off the glass.


Having considered, how to determine the humidity in the apartment without appliances, it is necessary to learn methods to combat mismatchmicroclimate standards. At a reduced value of the indicator, special moisturizers are used. They are presented in a wide range on sale. You can also put a wet towel or a container of water on the battery. Also, attention should be paid to breeding a sufficient number of indoor plants.

If the humidity is high, you can purchasespecial devices. They use various methods to remove excess water from the air. Also experts advise to carry out regular airing. This must be done even in rainy weather. In some areas it may be necessary to install a hood.

Having become acquainted with the methods, how to determine the humidity in the apartment, you can quickly and accurately assess the statemicroclimate in the room. This will allow to take appropriate measures in time and return the indicator to the limits of the standards. On this depends the health and well-being of people living in a house or apartment. Therefore, issues of moisture measurement should be given special attention.

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