A water pump is a device for feeding a "life"

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A circulating water pump is one of thethe most important elements in the heating system of any house, as well as to supply it with water. It provides forcible circulation of liquid through the branched pipeline, and also participates in the conditioning system. It is installed in industrial, agricultural and residential buildings. The water pump for the house is an excellent choice, because it has a simple design, it is distinguished by its durability and increased productivity. When using a wet rotor, they are quite noiseless, and the use of automation allows them to work both permanently and set the inclusion according to the automatic timer. This system allows you to significantly reduce power consumption, because automatically adjusts the operation of the device, according to the existing head, time of day or seasonal changes.

high pressure water pump

High pressure water pump

This type of pump is widely distributed in domesticeveryday life. Used to increase the water pressure at various points in the pipeline (shower). A water pump of this type is also used to increase the pressure in a private water supply system. Provides devices, such as water heaters, gas columns, dishwashers and washing machines, a certain indicator of pressure in the pipeline. It should be noted that during operation they do not make a lot of noise, they have high reliability and durability. The motor is protected by a system that prevents short circuits.

This water pump is an excellent choice forPrivate houses, in which there is a need for additional pressure in the water supply system. Despite their high efficiency, they are compact in size, which greatly simplifies their installation in the water supply system. They are also quite easy to operate. Remember that it is forbidden to use this mechanism for pumping flammable liquids!

water pump for home

Drainage pump

Used to eliminate large clustersThe water that appears after heavy rainfall and floods. Can be used for pumping contaminated and waste water (rain, soil). In their classification are divided into surface and submersible.

The body of the drain pump is made ofchemically neutral material that can withstand an aggressive environment. Pump wheels are made of a material that has a low weight, good resistance to corrosion and low adhesion. The device and the shape of the wheels determine the separation of the pumps into subtypes (semi-open, single-channel, free-vortex and wheels with a grinding mechanism).

water pump

Their use is found both in the domestic sphere, soand sewer. The latter can work with fibrous liquids and such that they have a solid content. In direct dependence on the type, the ability of the pump to pass particles ranging in size from 3 to 12 mm, and for sewage pumps - up to 100 mm is found. You can statically install the pump for work, and also use it mobile, transferring from one place to another.

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