Orchid care after flowering

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Nothing complicated and unimaginable in the care of an orchiddoes not require. Just need to observe some nuances. Here, for example, what to do with the flower spike after all the flowers crumbled? Cut it off or not?

"It's like cutting a hand!""- assert one and wait patiently when the flower stalk withers. Others cut off right away, as soon as the last flowers began to fade. What is the correct version? Let's try to understand.

First, the flowers themselves should be cut off carefully, as soon as you notice that they have begun to fade. This will allow the orchid to spend its energy only on blooming flowers.

As soon as orchid ceased to please you with its flowering, you cansafely remove the flower spike. However, if the tip is green, you may see more flowers. Within three months, "wait for an answer." To look, however, this design will not be too presentable: on a long whip a lonely flower.

If the tip of the peduncle has turned yellow or withered, it is useless to expect new flowering from it.

So, we'll cut it. Now we face another dilemma: under the root or not. Here 2 options for the development of events at your discretion.

  1. If you cut off the rosette, the orchid will begin to store the strength for the next flowering.
  2. Trim only the top part.On each peduncle there are "sleeping buds". Usually there are three or four. Purely, if the flower bud does not begin to dry out, lateral peduncles may develop from them. The key word is "can". Pruning the peduncle above the "sleeping buds" does not guarantee you their active growth.

So, in my opinion, it is better to cut at the outlet.

Sometimes an orchid produces a flower stem directly from the pointgrowth. Do not panic! All is well, this is not a sign that it is dying. Whence there was such error, nobody can say, but many believe. I would say that you are lucky with such an orchid - it will create lateral rosettes, which can be seated, or it will have "babes" on this peduncle. We'll talk about this in the next article.

And now we will sort out with top dressing

To feed an orchid or not during flowering? Roughly speaking, you can never feed it. Orchid - so unique plant that all the necessary microelements for growth this flower receives from the environment without outside help!

This is a theory. In practice, if the plant receives a balanced fertilizer, it blooms more and more abundantly, and the flowers are bigger and brighter. We, in fact, because of the flowers and love it. So we feed regularly. But not in the flowering period! This will trigger a discoloration or shorten the flowering period. Do not "feed" the orchid immediately after flowering. She must rest a little and gather strength. The introduction of fertilizers during this period will cause your exotic floret again to release the flower stem, but you are unlikely to get much pleasure from it. Flowers will be small, and they will be small. In addition, the plant can simply get sick after such a rough intervention. So it's better to be patient. Wait until the orchid enters the stage of active growth, then fertilize. But only a special fertilizer for these flowers.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in orchid care! Boldly buy a beauty in the online store of indoor plants Artplants.ru and admire the abundant flowering.

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