Gas boilers for a private house: advantages

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In the climatic conditions of our country it is impossibleimagine a comfortable home without quality heating. To fulfill this difficult task, gas boilers for a private house are perfectly suited. Considering that today the market provides a wide range of gas, electric and solid fuel models, we will try to briefly review the merits and demerits of each type.

gas boilers for private houses
Often, buyers choose electric boilers:they are extremely convenient to use, fairly safe even for inexperienced users, have very compact dimensions. What is also important in the conditions of the total Russian bureaucracy, for their installation, it is not necessary to run for months in various departments, collecting a whole heap of permits. How different are the gas boilers for a private house in this respect, for which you have to go for a dozen offices! That's just the high cost of electricity reduces this advantage to naught.

Solid-fuel models, at first glance, are betterall. In particular, almost any waste from woodworking enterprises can be used for fuel. Unfortunately, in operation they are not too safe, fully automatic models are very expensive (and fueling in any case is yours), and permits from the fire department have to receive a lot. So it turns out that gas boilers for a private house benefit from them in all respects.

gas boiler in a private house

This equipment has a mass of seriousadvantages. In particular, such boilers are absolutely safe, and also really autonomous, due to what the house can stand for more than one week, absolutely not needing to be looked after. In addition, natural gas is relatively cheap, and therefore can be used to heat even large residential areas. Unfortunately, gas boilers for a private house require authorization and design documentation, which sometimes can not be obtained easily.

However, do not be sad. So what else are consumers guided by buying exactly gas-powered equipment?

As we have already said, it is completely safe.If you remember that we are talking about natural gas, then this statement sounds somewhat presumptuous, but it really is. The fact is that all normal producers have long included in the design of the boiler a special safety valve that completely cuts off the fuel supply when its pressure in the gas pipeline falls.

gas boiler for home

Such a gas boiler for the house will never cause an explosion, and you can safely leave the dwelling for the time of its absence.

Whatever may be said about the energyefficiency, above the figure only in electricity. Even modern solid fuel boilers in this regard can not compete with gas, and care while requiring much more.

Before buying, pay attention to the arrangementgood chimney: in this case, you can save by buying equipment without forced extraction, which not only increases the cost of the boiler, but also consumes expensive electricity. The same applies to the ventilation system.

Installing a gas boiler in a private house, you will never be afraid of the cold!

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