The best cleaning products for the kitchen: review, application, manufacturers and reviews

Home cosiness

The most favorite place for the household is the kitchen.It is cozy, tasty, the atmosphere has to sit and tea. And all because the housewives with their labor achieve the purity and brilliance of all surfaces. Fat - the worst enemy of a plate, tile, utensils, floors. Coping with him alone, barehanded even the best housewife can not. To help come cleaners for the kitchen. The main thing is to choose the best, arm yourself with a washcloth, rags and start cleaning!

Difficult choice

Storefronts are full of all kindsbottles, jars, bottles with cleaning and detergents. How can you not get lost in all this abundance? I want to choose a tool that will easily remove fat, plaque, and soot. After all, rubbing, scrubbing, making great efforts and spoiling manicure does not want anyone. Kitchen requires special attention, because on the working surfaces, shells can accumulate pathogenic microbes. The best cleaning agents for the kitchen will help to get rid of them. Observe the rules that are specified in the instructions on the bottle, otherwise you can cause harm to health.

cleaning products for the kitchen


The Sif facility can be distinguished among its analogues.Its universality is the best advantage. One tool can wash all the surfaces in the kitchen. You just need to apply a small amount of cream on the sponge and wipe the plate, leaving for a few minutes this foam. After a while, just rinse several times with a clean sponge. To wipe and sweat it is not necessary. "Sif" will do all the work for you.

Cleaners for the kitchen "Sif" are differentlow cost and excellent quality. The main advantage is also in the fact that creams and gels clean the surface deeply and do not damage the decorative coating. Universal cream will clean the entire kitchen: laminate, linoleum, stainless steel, tile, plastic, acrylic. You can completely rely on this assistant. In addition, "Sif" is environmentally safe, will not cause any harm to health, will not cause allergies.

cleaning products for the kitchen отзывы

Spray fat is stronger

Many housewives look at the cleaners with mistrustmeans for the kitchen in the form of sprays. They do it in vain. On the shelves of stores is an effective spray Sanita. He will cope with fat in just a couple of minutes. Armed with gloves, and safely spray the product on any surface of the kitchen. Wait a few minutes and rinse with warm water. The plate shines with cleanliness, the tile will become like a mirror. All the old spots will disappear from the linoleum, sinks, window sills, hoods and utensils. The product has antibacterial effect, all microbes will be destroyed.

A strong beat

Cleaners for the kitchen Cillit verypopular. Spray this manufacturer is designed to clean the kitchen of fat, lime scale, rust, mold. Spray it on a dirty surface and thoroughly wipe it with a sponge. The only drawback is that the evaporation from it is not useful to the body. Clean quickly and ventilate the room.

best kitchen cleaners

To wash off old fat Cillit can without effort.Apply it to the surface of the pan, frying pan, back side of the plates. The dishes will shine like new. The expenditure of the means is economical. Therefore, one bottle is enough for a long time. Be sure to try this cleanser from grease in the kitchen.


Little-known wonder-paste Astonish showed itself withbetter side. Convenient consistency, pleasant aroma and strong active ingredients in the composition give a tremendous effect. Pasta carefully and faithfully removes the oldest dirt. Rust instantly disappears from the chrome surface. Microwave, hob, tile, utensils - everything will shine with whiteness and freshness. The active component of sodium silicate and soft abrasive in tandem give an excellent result. The pleasant smell of oranges complements the general picture with freshness. You rarely find such high-quality cleaning products for the kitchen. Reviews for Astonish paste are only positive. Mistresses argue that it is safe for health and wash it can even have severe pollution. Mark consumers and a pleasant price.

Expensive pleasure

One of the expensive but effective meansis "Shumanit." It removes fat, plaque, rust and in general all possible contamination from any surface. This cleaner for glossy cuisine is a real find. It will not leave any divorces and stains, only the desired purity.

kitchen cleanser

When working with "Shumanitom" always weargloves and open the windows. His vapors irritate the mucous membrane of the mouth and nasopharynx. Therefore, long contact with the product can cause an allergic reaction, dizziness. The ideal option is a respirator. Getting them, you can without fear and problems wash the kitchen beyond recognition. The stove, tile, extractor, oven - everything will shine, like a new one, just bought in a store. It is better to use "Shumanit" for general cleaning once a month.

Of the people

Our ancestors also loved the cleanliness of the house, andespecially in the kitchen. After all, millions of bacteria multiply on working surfaces, shells, plates every minute. To avoid various diseases, intestinal sticks and other health problems, people washed their homes with folk remedies. Their cost is low, and the effect is not worse than from the compositions of the bright vials brought from the store.

cleaning agent for glossy kitchen


Many know about the useful properties of soda.It is used in various household needs: in food, and as a cleaner. The easiest way to overcome fat is to densely cover the contaminated surface with soda and thoroughly rub with a sponge. But if you pour lemon juice on top and leave for ten minutes, the effect will be much stronger. There is no need to rub and sweat, the fat itself will evaporate in a matter of minutes.

To clean out old pans, you will needcook pasta. Ten spoons of soda pour the same amount of peroxide and add a couple of tablespoons of dishwashing liquid. Get a thick paste, which you need to thoroughly grate the pots from all sides. Leave the dishes for half an hour in a dry place. When you wash this composition off the pans, they will simply not be recognized!

grease cleaner in the kitchen

Purely pure

It is easy to prepare a cleaning agent forkitchen with their own hands. Feel yourself a chemist or a magician, this is a very fascinating process. To get rid of fat, mix in a bottle with a spray for one glass of alcohol and vinegar, add a teaspoon of essential oil of orange. Get an excellent cleaning spray for any surfaces. Apply it to the soiled areas and wipe with a dry cloth after half an hour. The result will amaze you, the fat will disappear without difficulty, there will be only shine and a pleasant aroma.

grease cleaner in the kitchen


An excellent antiseptic and a winner of mudis mustard powder. Use it with caution, try not to inhale it and wash your hands thoroughly after use. Take a coarse sponge, half a glass of powder and a few spoonfuls of water. Scrub this solution with all the appliances in the kitchen, the stove, the tile. After half an hour, rinse and enjoy the result!

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