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A crayfish is a low perennial plant, ohealing properties of which people knew even in times of extreme antiquity, using it in the preparation of all kinds of potions. On its straight stems there are large and long leaves. In June, the cask is covered with bright yellow flowers, forming an inflorescence - an ear. The flowering period lasts almost all summer. At this time the plant exudes a pronounced amazing aroma, but in dry form this herb practically has no smell. Crawfish grows, a photo of which can be seen in any popular compilation of medicinal herbs, on dry meadows, on roadsides and on sunlit forest fringes. This medicinal plant can be found both in Europe and in Asia.

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Useful properties of cakes are known to herbalists andfans of folk medicine for several centuries. In the fibers of this amazing healing power plants contain tannins, phytoncides, essential oils and bitterness, so crap is often used for various gastrointestinal diseases. From this medicinal herb prepare all kinds of teas and decoctions, which are often used for stasis of bile, colic and deterioration of appetite. Crayfish ordinary, the use of which is very diverse, has pronounced anti-inflammatory properties. Due to this, it is widely used in diseases of the respiratory tract.

Useful properties of scallops are used by herbalistsand to improve the performance of the liver. The plant has a diuretic effect, and also has the ability to increase the tone of the body. In folk medicine, ordinary crap is considered the most real panacea for diseases, it has long been credited with truly unique properties. This amazing plant is used for bleeding of various nature, asthma, colic and joint pain. Infusions of crap help to stop nosebleeds, get rid of furunculosis, cure flu and other diseases.

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Plant crayfish used in the form of infusions and tea,broths, rinses and rinses. This herb is so widely used in folk medicine that it is very difficult to describe in a few words the sphere of its application.

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Useful properties of cake give the opportunityuse this plant very widely. For example, a recipe for tea from this herb is very common: 1 teaspoon of dried leaves pour 100 ml of steep boiling water and insist about five minutes. Such tea is recommended to treat the oral cavity and gargle with various inflammatory diseases.

Healing properties have both inflorescences andleaves. In a warm form infusions of this healing herb are used in the treatment of cuts and purulent wounds. With psoriasis and trophic ulcers from the decoction of the plant, healing compresses are prepared. In addition, infusion of cakes are used for syringing and enemas. With gout in the decoction of the leaves soar sick legs.

Despite all the useful properties of the scallops,preparations from this plant still need to be taken with caution. Particularly attentive to such drugs should be given to people who are hypersensitive to drugs. Preparations based on this herb are contraindicated in chronic constipation and obstruction of the biliary tract. Repeshok contraindicated and with thrombosis. Pregnant and lactating women preparations on the basis of this curative plant can be used only after consulting with an expert.

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