Optical coupling for connecting fiber optic cables

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Currently, fiber-optic communication lineshave received the widest distribution, but they can not be carried out without such details as an optical coupler. With its help the connection of cable sections is carried out. It must perform a protective function to protect the welding site from environmental influences. In addition, the responsibility of this element is to protect the cable from ruptures and other loads on the line.

Optical coupling
However, in the modern world, optical couplings are notare limited to the fulfillment of the listed tasks. Nowadays, they are increasingly required to perform the switching function, helping to remove some of the fibers for connecting special equipment.

Today the optical coupler must meet the highThe requirements, which can differ a great variety. It all depends on the individual characteristics of certain types of couplings, but still it is possible to identify the basic requirements. First of all, the design of the product should be reliable and rational, while the simplicity of installing optical fibers is fundamental. Also, in no case should there be difficulties in the process of maintenance and operation.

Optical couplings
To protect welding places and transit loopsvery often an optical fiber optic coupling is used. Its design allows the splice of several cables. In addition, it is possible to output a number of fibers to a particular network equipment. Due to the increased internal space, it is possible to arrange transit modules taking into account all the tolerances. It is allowed to install communication in the sewage mines, underground, on suspensions, poles and even on vertical surfaces.

Another version is an optical dead end coupler.Its features include a well-organized internal device, the ability to remove fibers without disconnecting the basic trunk cable, as well as the originality of the sealing. Many products are equipped with a body made of special plastic, helping to protect them from sudden temperature changes, aggressive environmental influences and excessive moisture. Usually a mechanical clamp is used, which helps to fix two parts. Quality sealing can be achieved by means of a rubber ring placed around the perimeter.

Optical cable clutch
Also, the optical clutch can be universal,representing an economical and multifunctional element. In this case, the two base parts are tightened with screws. Installation of all couplings is carried out in strict accordance with the instructions created for a certain type of product. During the installation work, the cable ends are fed into special closed machines having devices for their connection. After the installation, each element is supplied with a special marking ring, which is usually made of plastic or lead. It must specify the product number, brand OK and the name of the organization that conducted the work.

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