Power tools: repairs and self-diagnosis of problems

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All household electrical appliances are inherentlyfairly simple equipment. If you do not go into particular, then the engine, gearbox or working organ most often fails. It is due to this that many professional builders prefer the power tool. Repair is not required so often, but due to its simplicity, it costs much less than petrol analogs.

electric tools repair
We think that in the case of the same saw the breakage of the sawa bus or an open circuit will visually detect even a complete layman, and therefore immediately talk about some principles of repair and fault detection of the engine.

So, if your faithful assistant does notturns on and does not give other "signs of life", then you will not be able to do without a multimeter, but if there is no possibility to buy it, it is quite possible to use an ordinary incandescent lamp for the same purpose. It will help bring your power tool back to life. Repair should begin with a preliminary preparation for it.

You can guess that the most important preparatorythe step should be considered the removal of all external parts, which can interfere with the disassembly process. After that, we plug the tool into the network, and using the control lamp mentioned above, we "ring" all the connections. It is not necessary to say how important safety is.

repair of power tools in moscow

If all the conductive paths work, thenthe most unpleasant thing happened: the engine flew. In most cases, it has to be changed, but you can try to remove and carry out the diagnosis. It should be noted that only a specialist of high qualification in such a situation will be able to restore the power tool. Repairing it with an ignorant person will lead to the most unfortunate consequences.

If to speak about diagnostics of malfunctionsmechanical part, we have already said that in most cases it can be done by a simple visual inspection. Most often, the damaged part simply changes. Especially good in this regard is the repair of Bosch power tools. The fact is that in its service centers, and simply in retail, you can find almost all the details to it, which is almost impossible for competitors.

Inspecting the "insides" of the affected instrument, you can often see the failed collector. Often it may seem that there is simply no reason for such a serious breakdown.

repair of electro tools bosch
Most often, this result is extremelystrong heating, which occurs when the brushes are sparkling. By the way, very often they begin to spark if there are defects in the shaft. In addition to brushes, due to the same faults, their holders fail. Determine the cause in this case is quite simple, so you do not need to repair the power tool in Moscow, as it is not so difficult to replace brushes yourself.

If we talk about the engine, then most often causebreakages are some malfunctions in the stator windings. Often there are closures between them, which almost certainly damage the power tool. Repair in this case is to replace the engine, since rewinding yourself is too difficult.

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