Antistatic wrist strap: safety for the computer during repair

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When visiting the service centers for repairs, as well as salons for the sale of household appliances, you can see that almost all the staff wears original bracelets that somehow resemble watches.

antistatic wrist strap
Such devices do not serve to decorate, butto protect devices from static discharges. Although their appearance is attractive enough. Antistatic bracelet tightly fits your arm and allows you to connect the built-in wire when working with equipment.

If you recall the school course of physics, then thereit is said that man acts as the main carrier and accumulator of electric static charge. Especially in winter, when there is very dry air in the rooms, you can see that some people, when touched, seem to be shocked. It turns out that this happens as a result of accumulation of a static charge, which has a low potential and is absolutely safe for others and pets. However, for modern technology, such electricity is one of the factors that causes the devices to malfunction.

anti-static bracelet

To protect your laptop or computer whenrepair from a static discharge, you must use an antistatic wrist strap. In addition, special mats or shoes are used. Most often, the latter is used for protection in factories and other industrial facilities. But at home or in offices, antistatic wristbands or mats are most used.

The principle of operation of all these devicesalmost the same. When a person contacts a conductive surface (carpet or bracelet) connected to an earthed object by wiring, the static charge is removed.

Many may wonder what is best to use: a mat or an antistatic wrist strap?

antistatic wrist straps

Previously, onlymats. However, this is not entirely convenient, since this device is fixed to one place and limits movement. When an antistatic bracelet appeared, many problems automatically resolved. The specialists had the opportunity to disassemble and repair the equipment in any place. To do this, just connect an antistatic wrist strap to the device.

This device is not widea product made of knitted fabric. It tightens tightly on the arm by attaching it. Each bracelet has a small post for grounding. Constant contact of the body with the surface of the device allows to remove this charge, making the person completely safe for technical devices.

The device can be used withtransportation of voltage-sensitive computer components, such as sound cards, memory modules. Antistatic bracelet is a unique, simple and reliable means of protection. At the same time, not only its effectiveness, but also its availability is pleasing. The average cost of the device is not more than 300 rubles.

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