How to stretch suede or leather shoes

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Any woman will agree that the more pleasantoccupation than buying new shoes is hard to come up with. However, this can not always be said about its erosion. At present, manufacturers offer a lot of different models for all kinds of materials. But this does not cancel the fact that new shoes often rubbed their feet, crushes, squeezes and delivers a lot of unpleasant minutes. Therefore, women face the question: "How to stretch my shoes?"

There are a lot of ways. But do not forget that shoes are different, and a particular material needs its own approach. Therefore, in this article, we have to consider how to stretch shoes from suede or leather.

Let's start with suede shoes. This material is quite elastic. Paradoxically, when you are looking for the answer to the question of how to stretch your shoes out of it, you'll have to sweat. Most traditional ways can not be used. After suede - the material is tender, fragile, it is very easy to damage, you need to be more careful. However, there are several ways, the use of which will save you from having to visit the workshop. You will need some improvised tools, as well as your patience and accuracy.

So, if you are interested in how to stretch shoes from suede, remember: they should be worn as often as possible, moreover, not only on the street, but at home.

Wet methods
1. It is not recommended to wet such shoes. But if you put it on wet socks and walk around until they dry, then you can achieve the desired result.
2. You can process shoes from the inside with a small amount of vodka and alcohol diluted in water (1: 1).

Special Tools
1. There are aerosols that are sold in shoe stores. They are easy to use and quite effective. Spray the aerosol on the inner surface of the shoes, and then wear them. Experts recommend using them outdoors.
2. Sliding shoe is a device for "dry" stretching of shoes. It is usually wooden, and its width and length can be adjusted. Using a similar device, you can stretch the shoes for a couple of days.

As you can see, the answer to the question of how to stretch suede shoes is easy enough to find. And do not be upset if the new shoes do not bring joy, but solid trouble in the form of pain.

And what if freshly bought shoesis not made from suede, but from a skin more familiar to all? In this case, too, do not be discouraged. Below you can read how to stretch the shoes from the skin.
1. The simplest solution is to take them to the workshop. But for this you have to pay, and even time to spend.
2. Folk methods suggest stuffing shoes with wet paper. If they are made of artificial leather, then you can use castor oil or vegetable oil. This method is considered the most sparing. The inside of the shoes should be oiled, and then walk around the apartment. Use and alcohol tincture.
3. In shops you can buy a special foam. But with it you will be asked to buy a shoe in the shape of a foot. First, the shoes are smeared with foam. After that they should be planted on the shoe.

So you learned how to stretch your leather shoes. All of the above methods are fairly simple to use.

And what if you need to stretch the winterShoes, for example, boots with a high bootleg? You can take a strong plastic bag, put it on your arm, and then put it in your boot to your toe. Now pour water into it. If cramped boots are not only in the area of ​​the foot, but also in the bootleg, they will have to fill them with water along the entire length. Then they need to be placed in the freezer for the night, the water will turn into ice and expand. In the morning, the boots should be taken out from a warm place and waiting for it to melt.

You do not need to get upset if the new shoes are a little tight. And best of all, choose shoes according to size, carefully and carefully.

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