Rack ceiling in the bathroom - how to make the right choice?

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Getting to repair in your apartment, you shouldIn advance, think about which ceiling to choose. This issue is especially acute for the bathroom. Constant temperature changes and high humidity can adversely affect many types of finishes. A very good solution may be a rack ceiling in the bathroom. A variety of materials, of which now produce plates, allows you to effectively decorate the room. It is important that he will not "get out" of the general design of the bathroom, but, conversely, will create a truly unique design.

a rack ceiling in the bathroom
Sometimes the rack ceiling in the bathroom is performedfrom aluminum components. They have a special coating that not only protects against moisture, but also allows you to give the surface any desired shade.

But if the price issue is important to you, then you can make a rack ceiling in the bathroom using lamellae made of plastic. The assortment here is also quite diverse.

Depending on the texture of the ceiling, the fixtures are selected. The glossy surface reflects light very well, therefore, if you do not need additional glare, then it is better to use matt lamellas.

Slatted lamellae, presented in construction shops, have a maximum length of 6 m. The width of the slats can be different. The narrowest - from 5 cm, and the widest can reach 25 cm.

It should be noted that the lamellas are rectangular or rounded.

a rack ceiling in a bathroom
The surface of this building material canbe holistic or perforated. There are also two types of lath ceilings: open and closed. In the first variant, when docking the laths there are gaps, if necessary, they can be closed with special inserts. Closed the same rack ceiling in the bathroom is made of lamellas, which have additional protrusions in the form of a "tongue". They snap securely and do not require additional inserts.

When buying a lath ceiling check the setfastening, which is necessary for proper installation. It is better to buy the entire list from one manufacturer, so that all elements are guaranteed to be combined with each other.

The rack ceiling in the bathroom can include bothbasic, and intermediate panels. It depends on the design that you choose. The whole surface can be sustained in one color or have completely different shades. With white lamellas, you can combine inserts of chrome or gold.

how to make a slat ceiling in the bathroom
Note that such a ceiling can be mountedyourself. If suddenly you do not yet know how to make a lath ceiling in the bathroom, use the information that can be found on the Internet. And if it has not helped to thoroughly understand the intricacies of the process - invite experts.

In any case, you should know that for fasteninglamellas use tires that are fixed by means of suspensions. Having determined the necessary height of the future ceiling, fix the wall corner. To fix the fixtures, it is also necessary to provide suspensions. After the necessary number of suspensions are placed, proceed to fixing the tires. The amount of tires required is calculated based on the area of ​​the ceiling and the distance between them. The gap should not exceed 1 m. After mounting the carrier tires, proceed to the lamellae. We put the slats, snapping them into the tires.

If you have correctly measured and accurately measuredfixed all the elements, then you should get a very pretty ceiling. Well, if all the above actions are performed by specialists, then you will be able to monitor their work and give valuable instructions on time, which will undoubtedly improve the quality of work.

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