How to make a shower heated in the villa

Home cosiness

Water procedures are very important for human life. Especially it becomes noticeable on hot summer days, when people from the city go to their garden plots or country houses. Usually such areas are far from the city communications systems, and the only way to fix this situation is to install a heated showers.

heated shower cabin

The principle of the summer

Typically, such devices arecapacious tanks installed on the roofs of small buildings, inside of which the shower organizes. In summer, the heating of the tank can be due to solar energy. For this, the tank is painted black, which attracts heat. The result is warm water, which is very refreshing in the summer.

On winter days

People who spend more time on naturetime and delayed on their sites until late autumn, acquire a special shower garden garden, which is equipped with a system of active heating. It is a modification of the boiler, which is also installed on the roof so that water can flow under the influence of gravity. To activate the heating element, electricity is supplied to it.

A warning

It is worth noting that an ordinary boiler is not at allis suitable for these conditions. The fact is that it is designed for work under pressure, and a heated shower is designed in such a way as to maintain the necessary temperature even with a minimum amount of water. Therefore, even a converted boiler is not only not suitable for these purposes, but it can also cause a fire.

shower garden garden

Shop device

Currently in shops you can find a showercountry house with preheated factory production. These devices meet all safety requirements and can be used on household plots. When choosing a shower, you need to navigate through several parameters. One of them is responsible for the volume. Therefore, you need to choose a tank by the amount of water consumed per person. Also, the heated shower can use two heating systems. One involves the use of direct-flow heating, and the second has the principle of a boiler. Here the choice depends only on the personal preferences of the user.

heated showers

With your own hands

Some gardeners make their own showerDacha with heating by installing a heating element in a regular tank. However, it should be borne in mind that it will work using electricity. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully observe the safety rules when carrying out such work. You should also select the correct tank. It must not be corroded and deformed and must be able to withstand the heating temperature. Some masters prefer to install a thermostat on such a shower, which turns off the heating when the required temperature is reached.


It is best to purchase a finished device instore. It will be cheaper than all the components for creating the shower yourself, and during operation it is much safer, because its design is carried out in compliance with all safety requirements.

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