Washbasin for self-heating with own hands

Home cosiness

Without basic hygiene items can not donot a single country plot. Each owner builds a self-made shower in the summer, and some take care of water pipes, installing a stationary bath and a wash-stand. A wash basin for a heated dacha is a device without which it is impossible to imagine any modern site. We'll talk about them today.

washbasin for bathroom

Is it worth overpaying?

In order to make your holiday home morecomfortable, just go to the nearest store and choose a suitable washbasin. But this is an optional condition - for half the amount of the prepared washstand you can make yourself a good and functional device. Besides, not every dacha owner will agree to such an expensive purchase. The main advantages of the homemade water dispenser are that it will be one hundred percent functional and, moreover, more beautiful than its factory colleague. The size and shape will depend only on your imagination. So, if you are a jack of all trades, you can make such an assembly without much effort and money. And in order to properly do it, you need to know certain rules about which you will read in this article.

Before you create a wash basin for a heated villa, you need to know whether you can independently manufacture and install the following components:

  • Washbasin base - frame;
  • correct draining of water;
  • countertop or curbstone under the sink;
  • water tank - storage tank;
  • device for water heating.


curbstone under the sink

The main point in creating the basis fora washstand - this is a carefully designed size and a competent arrangement of all elements of the structure. In order to correctly make this part of the device, you can create for yourself a small drawing. Do not rely on it, otherwise the whole design will come to you sideways. It is better to give a few minutes of free time to create a drawing, rather than reproach yourself in a curve, an improperly designed washbasin.


The next stage is the organization of the dirty plumwater. To do this, you will need a sink from under the sink (not necessarily a new one), a corrugated tube through which water will enter the water tank (a conventional bucket will do). Do not forget about the sealing elements, through which water will not pour through all the cracks.

Washbasin for heated dachas - manufacture of countertops

No homemade water dispenser can do withoutcountertops. The drawing is not required here. The main problem faced by master-craftsmen is the choice of material. Among the many options are plywood and polycarbonate.

Water heating

With minimal financial costs, you canInstall the water heating element. Get an "elite" wash basin for a heated dacha. Here you can apply a conventional electric boiler - with its function, it will cope easily.

washbasin for heated dacha


As for the tank, the choice here is very great. You can even use a simple plastic canister, or you can make a custom steel tank.

Homemade washbasin for the bathroom - a real alternative to factory products!

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