Design of the toilet and bathrooms as an integral part of the interior

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The bathroom is not only a place for washinglinen and hygienic procedures. This is an important functional part of your house or apartment. Therefore, it is necessary to show maximum imagination and experience, defining the design of the toilet and bathrooms.

To simply update the interior, enoughChange the tile or repaint the ceiling. But remember that the bathroom should be in harmony with the toilet and, of course, with the whole apartment as a whole. First of all it concerns the decoration of walls and floor.

Thinking over a new bathroom interior, you needconsider the size of the room. Unfortunately, most often they are unreasonably small. In such conditions, improper selection of color or luminaire will visually reduce both a small space or lower the ceiling.

toilet and bathroom design

Combined or separate bathroom?

In different ways, one should approach the design of the bathroom, independing on whether it is connected to the toilet or not. Many specially clean the partition to increase space. Due to this, carrying out the repair of the toilet and the bathroom, it turns out to place there a washing machine, a bidet, the necessary furniture. It's pretty convenient. Thinking over the design of the toilet and bathrooms, you will find that in a large space it is easier to show your imagination and create a unique interior. On the other hand, it is necessary to take into account the inconveniences of the combined bathroom: if there are several children growing up in the family, imagine a stir in the mornings, when parents are going to work, and children to school. However, the rest of the problems are similar. You will need to choose the bath or shower that you want. To properly place shelves and lockers, you need to consider their functionality. After all, all shampoos and shower gels should be enough space, they must be placed so that they do not clutter up space. Various cleaning and cleaning agents should be generally hidden. To hide behind the tile is desirable and all the pipes, without limiting access to them.

toilet and bathroom repair

Do not forget about the towel warmer and the place fortowels and clothes. In addition, many accessories will be needed. Now it is possible to pick up whole sets of soap dishes, supports for toothbrushes and containers for liquid soap. They and the overall design of the toilet and bathrooms should be in harmony with each other. If there is a window, it is better to hang the blinds on it than the curtain. But in any case, the curtain should be made of water-repellent fabric, so that permanently increased humidity does not damage it. Plumbing must be taken from one collection, the same applies to furniture.

Design of the toilet and bathrooms, tricks

At the design of the bathroom it is better to use pastel colors. Visually increase the space will help mirror surfaces and glossy tiles, tiles or mosaics of small sizes.

interiors of bathrooms photo

The strip of frieze at the waist level will visually expandroom, will help this and the horizontal laying of tiles on the walls, the diagonal - on the floor. Lamps are better to take small sizes. In addition, it is worth considering that only the top light may not be enough, especially near the mirror. Increase the height of the ceiling will help the vertical installation of the frieze, an ornament at eye level or above, tiles laid out in the corners of the column. If you are not confident in your own design skills, then you can take as a model a variety of bathroom interiors, photos of which are attached.

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