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Home cosiness

How good after a busy weekrelax on your own private plot! The dream of a cozy country house excites our compatriots. However, this idea seems to many to be unworkable. After all, it is time, strength and money, which not everyone has. SK "Kail system" will help to cope with all problems. The construction company operates in the Leningrad region. Consumers trust this builder. He builds houses with full knowledge of the matter, for a short time and an acceptable price. Below you can read reliable reviews about the work of this company.

Kale system

general characteristics

SC "Kail Stroi" specializes in erectionframe and beam houses. She has been building for more than 10 years. During work the best Russian and world traditions of wooden architecture are applied. Advanced modern technologies also find their place. Projects are implemented on a turn-key basis. The developer always fulfills his obligations. He already has 279 satisfied customers.

Feedback system

The activity of SC "Kail system" is absolutely transparent. 260 families live in country houses built by the company. Someone lives in them constantly, someone - in the warm season. There are people who prefer to come to the country on weekends only. However, all the clients of the developer share a common feature: they are very satisfied with the result. This is evidenced by numerous reviews and letters of appreciation. Good words about honest work done - the best advertisement for "Kale system". On the official website of the company each positive comment is published. And in all cases, it is provided with a link to the project, which is described in the recall. Thus, any person can be convinced of the reliability of the examples given.

kalele build in spb construction company

Nezhensky case

Many women doubt that they will cope with such aa difficult task, like building a house. But what if you dream all your life of a cozy suburban home? It remains to enter the Internet and shovel all available offers. The construction company "Keil system" in St. Petersburg looks great against the backdrop of other developers. In her favor there are several weighty advantages:

  • Official website with comprehensive information about the work;
  • own office in St. Petersburg;
  • excellent quality of building materials;
  • control over proper execution at all stages of construction.

Thus, even an ignorant person or a weaka woman can apply with the application to the company and be sure of the final result. SC never gives unrealistic promises. For example, erecting a house on a turnkey basis is not always possible, since it takes time to shrink the structure.

company keil system

Justified expectation

The construction of the house is not a fast one. In the case of the company "Keil system" you will still have to wait your turn. The fact is that the developer is very much in demand in the real estate market. The team works on conscience, trying to realize all the wishes of customers. You will probably have to wait a few months to start the construction. We hasten to assure you that this expectation is fully justified. First, if the company has a lot of orders, it means that its activities are highly appreciated. Secondly, a scrupulous approach takes time. And many customers in their reviews say:

  • competent approach to work;
  • compliance with all sanitary and fire regulations;
  • the ability to compromise on a case-by-case basis.

Of course, the customer is always right. But sometimes his wishes are incompatible with reality. However, the company's specialists will always find the opportunity to go to the customer and make their work conscientious.

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Bribing accuracy

And it manifests itself in everything. SC "Kail system" is very concerned about the deadlines. The construction of houses is exactly according to plan. Delays are possible only in exceptional cases. On any force majeure the client is immediately notified. In addition, the developer is very careful about building materials. On the land that is being developed, order always reigns. Everything is very neatly folded and surrenders to the customer in the best possible way. He can calmly wait for the shrinkage at home, and then turn to the same company for the interior decoration. The most important thing is the lack of additional costs. Customers pay a pre-agreed amount. After that they are not waiting for any surprises. The company very scrupulously refers to expenses and protects each received ruble.

Ready-made projects

The construction company "Kail system" has moreone major advantage. The fact is that it offers customers already ready projects. You can choose your favorite option, made by wireframe technology, or order a dwelling from a profiled beam. Many like, for example, the project DM-01, which with its features resembles a wonderful temple of Artemis. Transformed into a comfortable holiday home, it looks great on any private plot. According to customer feedback, this option is the most democratic construction. The construction team works promptly and smoothly. All customer's wishes are taken into account, and shortcomings are immediately eliminated. Nine months after the erection, the building does not even shrink. An open verandah with a balcony hibernates perfectly. Dampness does not threaten the house - properly arranged gaps between the boards provide good ventilation. The interior space is very functional. It allows you to realize all your creative potential when decorating rooms. As a rule, people are very happy.

kalele building in spb building

Work at any time of year

Real professionals work in SK "Kale"system "in St. Petersburg. The construction company works quickly and clearly, using its own proven tools. Experts are well versed in the technology of erecting houses from wood. Therefore, the walls are always straight, and the corners are dense. According to the reviews, the buildings are well built both in the warm and the cold season. The objects are imported quality material. All carefully covered with a film. In order to work from early morning until late at night, special light masts are being built. Construction is carried out even at very low temperatures. Therefore, often houses are erected before the agreed time. After the completion of the work, customers are given useful advice on how to take care of it. Satisfied customers advise the responsible developer to their friends and acquaintances.

Sensibility and understanding

In our life, everything is different. For example, before the holiday is just a couple of weeks, and you have already made an order for the construction of the object. Always meets the wishes of the customers of the SK "Kail system" in St. Petersburg. The company can put the frame on the site in just 14 days. This applies a flexible approach when working with clients. In the finished projects are made changes that meet all the needs of consumers. In the reviews, it is especially noted that the team of builders works without any additional costs. Accommodation workers and transportation costs are already included in the cost of the project.

High quality

Many customers write positive reviews at onceafter the construction of the house. However, more reliable information can be obtained from people who live in it for more than one year. Approximately within 12 months the building shrinks. However, the walls do not deform, the roof does not flow, but does not blow from the windows. Room temperature is kept in rooms. On the inner bar sometimes appears mold. But this is a natural process, because the natural material always contains some moisture. The spots leave completely untouched after the wood dries completely. All this shows that the log buildings are installed correctly.

kalele building reviews

Democratic prices

SC "Keil system", reviews of which are published inthis article, specializes in economy class housing. Prices are set very acceptable. Moreover, the detailed development of the estimate does not entail any surprises - the cost of services does not increase by a ruble. The order of settlements with the construction company is absolutely clear and completely logical. It includes several stages:

  • deposit;
  • purchase of material;
  • payment for part of the work done;
  • final settlement.

The developer takes about halfcost. This is a unique phenomenon for the Leningrad region. As a bonus, some customers still have a certain amount of timber. Additional work is done at the request of the client. At the same time, prices remain quite reasonable.

sk Kail system

Now you know about what advantageshas the SK "Kail system". First of all, this is an honest performance of all the stated obligations. Contact this construction company, and you will never regret it!

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